Took My Hand And Guided Me Through The Beauty Of New York City

Yeah, it’s the “Big Apple” baby, you can be a part of it, take a bite out of it. For once in your life, for anyone who’s invested themselves in the splendor of travel and famous American culture, has to visit the big show, which is New York City. From Manhattan, to Broadway, to The Bronx, visit New York’s City’s most unique diverse neighborhoods and its electric intriguing cultural scene, the qualities which distinguishes NYC as the most desirable holiday destination in the United States. A holiday in New York City incorporates a variety of famous attractions: you can finally view the majestic Statue of Liberty, visit the famous galleries in SoHo, stroll down Broadway just like you live there. Summer in New York is the perfect time to go as the city really perks and comes to life.

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Things To Do in New York City When It’s Summer…
New York City’s famous landmarks glisten and come to attention in the glory of sunshine. My ferry trip to ‘Ellis Island’ passed by the statuesque ‘Statue of Liberty’ which gleamed proudly in the sun, the view of this landmark was simply stunning. In addition, our day trip included walking in Times Square, before heading towards Fifth Avenue and looking in awe at the Empire State Building.

New York in the summer highlights the cities unique architecture in fabulous style – the famous New York Public Library and the great, as in Grand Central Station Terminal is worth the trip to New York City alone.

NYC is also home to the most celebrated art galleries and museums in the world. Our quick day trip to Manhattan, allowed us to view one of the world’s finest art collections as well as America’s most historical artifacts. Amongst New York City’s finest museums include: The Guggenheim Museum, The American Museum of Natural History, and The Jewish Museum just to mention a few.

Oh right… back to enjoying this world class iconic city in the summer sun. You can spend a whole day in New York’s famous greenery, as in parks. Each of the ‘boroughs of New York has its own distinctive park space. The most popular ones being: Flushing Meadow Park in Queens and The Pelham Bay Park in The Bronx. But don’t forget the most favorite and famous NYC green spot, which of course is Central Park. Stepping into this park offers locals and visitors alike, an opportunity to escape the city’s concrete jungle and its crowded streets, to relax in a forest setting. Central Park offers the quaintness of the Bethesda Terrace and of course the serene Strawberry Fields… Forever.


Central Park is a meeting spot between three of NYC’s most famous neighborhoods: The Upper West Side, The Upper East Side, and the busy bustling Harlem neighborhoods.

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