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Are you looking to find a way to consistently outperform the markets and thus optimize your retirement portfolio, but not quite sure on what stocks to pick? Has the investing game become a chore? Do you constantly find yourself investing in ‘hot stock tips’ after they’ve made their big move? How about learning how you can increase your portfolio by over possibly 400% in a few years? Discover how you can outperformed the financial markets by a margin of around 5 to 1?

Do You Hate Doing The Research?

Do you want to find a workable investment strategy that makes sense. An investment strategy which does not require you to know the intricacies of the stock market, or predicting market trends, or follow specific ‘hot’ stocks. How can you get the insiders information about what is ‘hot’ before the rest of the financial market knows?

So you’re saying, you don’t have that kind of time to perform that type of in-depth research. You have a regular job and income that you devote your time to. You are not a day trader, nor want to spend your free time behind the computer doing tiresome research. Forget about following the stock market, getting stock quotes, sounds too boring and time consuming.

The First Rule Is To Avoid Individual Stocks
There’s Just Too Many And They Are Unreliable!

Everybody obviously wants to do the classic ‘Buy Low and Sell High.’ While there are millions of people who do make money this way (as well as those who lose a lot of money), there is an easier and more efficient way to use the stock market to your advantage. Don’t trade in stocks. You’re saying, What?. Well, avoid the buying and selling of individual stocks. And yes, you can consistently beat the market . . . month after month with this system.

If Not Stocks, Then What?
Like most, many got involved in the markets in the Nineties. That’s when those Hi-Tech stocks were going nuts, and almost everyone wanted in on the action. It appeared like easy, easy money. Everyone was getting filthy rich. You didn’t need any type of special investment system to beat the markets.

During this time, you could of invested in the markets, without giving up your day job. Just find the next best ‘hot’ tech stock. IPOs as well as pre-IPO offerings were the thing to look for.

But, forget about all that. You can discover options trading as a better, more significant investment strategy. Options trading can work in any type of market . . . Bull? Bear? or stagnant.


Yes, That Is Right…OPTIONS trading!

No, this is not about trading stock options nor writing covered calls. It’s all about trading options on S&P futures and other major indexes. You can use different trading strategies and methods and do consistently well.


Between June of 1998 to January 2000, (a 18 month span), using this particular options trading strategy, you could of turned an $25,000 investment into $167,000. That’s an 650% increase. And this was not paper trading, but real cash.

Since the ‘hey-days’ of those crazy tech stock days, the wild market fluctuations as well as volatility has diminished significantly since then. This has also reduced the premiums. Although those types of high returns are no longer possible, the options trading strategy however, is still very workable. You can still consistently beat the markets. Even during the years when the Nasdaq, DJIA, and the S&P were all down, approximately a 22% gain was posted.

Read and then learn about the options trading strategy and find out how it can make you money using this system. The information is FREE. Keep in mind that this method is a for risk capital only.

For the past 12 months (May ’07 through April ’08) this is how the strategy performed:

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