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Here is information on how to profitably buy and sell domain names, which to this point, has to be one of the best kept secret income streams on the internet. Every website begins and ends with a domain name. This is the new virtual real estate at its best. Like traditional real estate.. there is a saying that “They Are Not Making Any More Land”, well the same applies true for domain names. The alphabet is limited.. and it cannot make anymore domain names. Domain names of value.

You are invited to join a select group of insiders that has been consistently making monster profits utilizing a simple duplicative process regarding the most valuable property on the internet, domain names.

There has recently been an article published in the Wall Street Journal as well as Business 2.0 magazine about how only a few select individuals are making online fortunes from investing in domains names and either holding onto them for passive income or flipping them for huge profits. The old adage applies… Buy Low – Sell High.

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Here Are What Some Of The Major Media Outlets Are Reporting:

“You can forget about condos and strip malls. Domain names, VRE, which is the real-estate of the internet, has been delivering far greater returns.”


“Parked domain names will become a billion-dollar industry, both for search operators like Google/Yahoo as well as for Internet real estate developers.”

“Internet domain names are once again a hot commodity. But unlike the dot com bust of the 1990s, when speculators were buying domain addresses in hopes of flipping them later for big profits, many today are aimed towards cashing in on online advertising.”

“Domain names are the new real estate,” says Warren Adelman, who is president of GoDaddy.com.”

We have all heard the phrase… “Follow The Money!”

The huge offline investors are now jumping into this virtual market. Such names as Ross Perot and Howard Schultz’s (of Starbucks) has invested millions of dollars into companies that buy, sell and park domain names. You know these individuals do not throw these types of dollars into risky ventures that are not certain.

Each and every domain name available, whether new or used is or can be valuable virtual real estate. They all represent some type of “real” dollar value that can be bought for cheap, sold or developed and resold for a profit. They can also can be leased or rented out. Domain names follow and share the same characteristics as traditional real estate.

The Expired Domain Name Market

Did you know that over 35,000 registered domain names expire (on average) every day?
This is because of a variety of reasons such as:
– the original owners forget or fail to renew them
– the original owners has moved on to other things
– some don’t have the time to maintain their websites
– some cannot simply afford to continue their web business

One of the biggest reasons why domains expire is that the owners just simply, plain forget about their domain names or have inactive email addresses missing the renewal notices.

Now there are thousands of these daily expiring domains that are astray that were at one time promoted by their previous owners resulting in them having some value. As a result, most still receive traffic from search engines as well as some having PR ranking as well as back-links to draw traffic to that vacant domain.

The “secret” of course is knowing how and where to quickly and easily find these valuable expiring domain names. You may think that most of these valuable domains sell for high prices that you can’t afford. The truth is most fresh expired domains can be had for just $60 or lower, which includes the registration fee for a year. So in essence, you can pick up a domain that may be worth thousands… for as little as $60!

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Some Of The Best Methods For Profiting From Domain Names:
1.) You can resell the Domains For Big Profits. You can pick up most of these expired domains for $60 or less, the real actual value is often a lot more that. Like conventional real estate, buy low and sell high.

Here Are Some Domain Sales In 2006:

– CreditCare.com – Sold For $125,000
– Bingo.net – Sold For $56,500
– Models.us – Sold For $30,000
– Laundromat.com – Sold For $70,000
– Diamonds.com – Sold For $7,500,000 (yikes!)
– Cameras.com – Sold For $1,500,000
– FunnyAds.com – Sold For $100,000
– MaxMusic.com – Sold For $31,000
– Vodka.com – Sold For $3,000,000

There are some very big numbers for domains such as Diamonds.com and Cameras.com, but you should also be focusing on the domains such as FunnyAds.com and MaxMusic.com. Name wise, they are not fantastic, but they had value to someone.

You can be assured that the VRE (Virtual Real Estate) investors who paid the “big bucks” for these domain names fully expect that they will significantly increase in value in the future. So you can see why people like Ross Perot are willing to invest millions to get in on the domain name market!

2.) Park Domains For Easy Passive Income. If you do not have an existing website for the domain, you can make passive profit by using the various “Domain Parking Services”. These free services allow you to profit from your domains just by using their service. The domain parking website will host your domain name by providing a landing page showing “display ads” on the site. When a visitor clicks on an ad, you get paid a portion, much like Google Adsense.

So How Much Can You Earn From Parked Domains?
That depends on the amount of traffic the domain generates. So it is important that when you purchase any domain name that you move it to a parked domain vendor, otherwise the domain registrar, who offers free parking, will benefit from the traffic.

3.) An important method in achieving high search engine rankings are relevant back links from other web sites. So if you own a high value domain name, other webmasters will be willing to buy links from your web site and they will pay you monthly for that. The amount you’ll charge depends on a variety of factors. It is not uncommon for get $20 per link and be able to sell around 10 links every month, all this from a single web site.

4.) Redirecting highly profitable visitor traffic to other web sites you own or even to affiliate sites. If a domain name has traffic, you can easily just redirect it to another site. Buying domain names that are relevant to your topic (keywords), is a quick way to increasing traffic.

5.) Build A Website To Take Advantage Of The Domains Existing Traffic. One of the most easiest ways to start a site is using an expired domain that already draws traffic.

6.) Hold Onto The Domains While The Value Increases. Park and hold on to the domain as will naturally gain in value. The prices as well as the demand will continue to rise.

All domain names, but more especially the .com domains, are becoming hot commodities and a limited resource. Acquiring good domains names and hanging onto them has proven to be an excellent strategy for huge profits. These .com domains are excellent as they are virtually guaranteed to increase in value over time. Back in 1996, it was easy to register great one or two word .com domains. Now, they are all gone. Obviously the shorter the domain name, the harder they are to own.

So it is obvious that you can make thousands of dollars in profits from buying the right domains, but the question is.. how do you find them?


“How To Rake In Cash From Buying Expired Domains!”
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