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Upspring is a new social networking site geared towards online and offline businesses looking for networking opportunities. Upspring is focused on helping you promote your company through Web 2.0 socialized networking with other similar businesses and consumers.

Upspring will essentially provide the virtual space you need to showcase your products or services. It is designed to bring together local businesses looking to use the Internet to attract additional customers and sales. What Upspring does is offers to market your business services across various search engines, locally and nationwide as well as offering businesses marketing tools to further enhance your market reach. Upsprings’ builds a bridge by adding value to both businesses and end consumers.

If you own a business and want to be profiled on Upspring, you will be required to complete the “Essential Business Profile” as well as the “Professional Profile”. These business outlines are where you submit information about what you and your company does. The information that you provide is used to help Upspring promote your product or service as well as building your online network. You can converse by chatting with other local business owners, see what’s going on at your local chamber of commerce or exchange ideas and information with others in your industry. Upspring also offers space for retailers to promote products.

Upspring is initially free to join but has limited features for promoting your business. Upspring also has a premium plan for around $20 per month, which allows you to enhance you presence by offering for example: rebate coupons, embed product/company videos, and the ability to send and receive private messages. There is also an additional upgrade called the “Storefront” for around 50 per month which lets you display real products and descriptions in real time.

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