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The recession is a word many of you don’t want to hear these days, but unfortunately, it seems like it’s going to linger around for a while. When it drops by your household or neighborhood, it can take you a while for it to go away. However, that doesn’t mean you should just simply sit back, surrender and let it overcome you like the plague. These bad economic times are solely responsible for wrecking havoc in your lives by damaging our finances, as well as our personal lives. During these tough times, finding a job that can survive these rough patches seems improbable. But take heart, don’t despair. Here is a list of the top 6 recession-proof jobs you can target:

So Where Are Those Jobs In The Recession Proof Industries
If you follow the news in any way, obviously trying to land a job in an auto plant is out of the question, so is real estate or even the travel industry, just to mention a few. (Just recently seen an ad for a 3 Night/4 Day Package, including Air to LasVegas for $99.00)

So instead of wasting your time trying to re-enter one of these declining industries presently experiencing bad times, set your sights on the industry sectors that have actually remained stable or are even experiencing growth.

The Top 6 Industries Include:
– The Health care industry including (care giving, nursing, special care, physical therapy, medicine or any other support based manpower) Anything related to aiding in our aging population

– Law and Security Enforcement – As the population increases and the economy declines, crime rises, law enforcement is always in demand

– Specialized Information Technology (computer network administration, software coders, graphic design and development) The IT industry is growing


– Customer Support Services (customer guest services, administrative and management assistance)

– Sales, Marketing and Business Development (product management, wholesale and retail sectors)

– Specialized Engineering – As new technologies evolve, specific trained engineers will be needed

– Teaching and Education (specialized teaching, school administration and related administration support services) Many are looking to re-invent themselves

It’s All In The Resume

Make sure that a potential employer sees something special or promising in your resume, make it stand out. Emphasize potential. The competition is fierce out there, so consider revamping your resume. If it’s even several months old, make sure you continuously update it by adding special skills or interests you may have that may add to the job in question.

Always Focus On Your Accomplishments

A common error when applying for a job is that candidates fail to detail their specific past job descriptions clearly on their resumes. Although it’s helpful establishing work experience, it may not give the prospective employer a good enough idea on what you can do. Emphasize on the end results that you have produced instead.

Adapt Your Resume To The Job
Don’t just use a generic resume, but adapt it to the specific job you are applying for. Tailoring your resume will give you a better chance that it will stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for a recession-proof job, make sure that your resume is something that employers will find interesting.

Consider the specific industry that your targeting. If the job is for someone who has a strong sales background, then make sure you emphasize and hi-light your sales background. If it calls for someone who has direct marketing or promotion skills, alter to show your qualifications in these areas. The more relevant your resume is to the job, the better off you will be at landing that job.

Try Expanding Your Reach
Other than just scouring advertised job vacancies, consider other ways in finding recession-proof jobs. Look into trade magazines, clubs or associations, specific to that company or industry. Tap into your network of professional associates who are in the same field. Target companies that you want to work for, do research on them and directly contact them expressing your interest.

Further Your Education
In these tough economic times, you have to prepare yourself as best as possible. Enrollment for specialized post secondary educational training jumps ten-fold as job seekers continuously upgrade their skill sets. Getting additional training or education, getting certified or expanding your professional qualifications, will help in making you a lot more desirable.

Usually when employers narrow down in choosing a potential employee, and they all have similar job experience, they will usually choose the employee that has the better educational background qualifications, this courtesy of better training.


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