Using Bidvertiser’s Pay Per Click And Arbitrage To Earn Easy Auto-Pilot Money

So Why Arbitrage?
Arbitrage is recognizing and profiting on the price differences of two similar markets. The classic ‘buy low… sell high’ formula applies. The Forex Market often presents ‘Arbitrage’ opportunities as does sporting events as well as ebay.

The most common and recently popular arbitrage opportunities is in the buying and selling of advertising. Buy ads for cheap and then sell the same niche advertising for a higher price simultaneously. If done correctly, this arbitrage model can be profitable and an ‘AutoPilot’ scenario.

So how do you profit from buying advertising space for a low cost and then redirecting them to advertising space on your website? There are some simple techniques to do this and the potential for earning money can be virtually unlimited.

So imagine a scenario where you can be buying advertising space for say $10 per website and then almost automatically earning $25 using the same website, making $15 in pure profit!! And then, you do it over again.

Adsense Arbitrage Is A No No
This was once the internet’s ‘best kept’, worse secret when big daddy, ‘Google’, introduced their Adsense and Adwords PPC advertising program. A lot of people back then immediately bought low cost, low profile keywords on Adwords and then themed and rerouted their website landing page on higher paying Adsense advertisements, using the same traffic. Using this Arbitrage system, for the ones who originally used it, meant hundreds to thousands of dollars of profit per day until Google stepped in and decided to ban this method to obviously protect their Adwords customers.

There are however different methods to capitalize on this method and one of them is using the PPC website

As of right now, has an extremely easy and instant registration method where they are not to particular about accepting
new members who has websites. They also pay directly into your paypal account on time every month, avoiding the ‘check in the mail’ hassle.


With proper research, you can buy clicks from bidvertiser as an advertiser for as low as 5 cents per click while selling the same bidvertiser niche advertisements on your site for as high as $5 for certain niches. Using this Arbitrage method is a combination of systems and programs to make this viable. You can still buy and send tremendous amounts of targeted traffic using Google Adwords ‘Contextual Network’ and send them to your Bidvertiser landing page.

Recently I tried this using the methods described in the ‘Adwords 180’ ebook and bought highly targeted traffic from Adwords Content Network for $3.50 per 1000 impressions (so I got 1000 impressions of my Adwords Ad for $3.50) and then sent that traffic to my ‘Bidvertiser’ landing page which paid $2.50 per click. I created my highly optimized landing page based on Alex Goads arbitrage program … Google Payload.

Setting Up A Bidvetiser Publishing Account
Don’t have a website? Well, setting up a publisher account with bidvwertiser is a little more complicated than if you already have a website. So if you have a bit of technical knowledgeable in html and know how to create a basic website you can use that, but an easier method is to just create a free blog. You can use or and this can be used as your landing page and bidevertiser will accept it when applying for their publisher program.

So if you decide to use, set one up, follow the easy to ‘step by step’ directions to create your own blog. On the blog, you can easily include advertisements on the blog. So before you apply for the Bidvertiser publishing program, you need to pick a ‘high paying’ niche topic and put some relevant content on it by adding some articles.

So say you pick a popular but high paying niche such as “credit repair’, which is a profitable keyword and then included a few articles from

But How Can I Copy From Ezinearticles?
Go to ezinearticles and search for some ‘credit repair’ articles and copy and paste some articles from that site and paste it onto your blog. Ezinearticles allows this provided you ‘DO NOT’ change anything on the original article or remove any of the information about the author in the reference box. If you do so, you will break the terms that ezinearticles sets out, otherwise, just copy and paste the article on your blogger blog.

Apply For A Bidvertiser Publishers Account
Then go ahead and apply with Bidvetisers Publishing Program using your newly created blog as your website reference. Fill in the required information on the form with a verifiable email address and you’re in business. They will accept you.

Then place the ads from the Bidvetiser members area onto your blog and every time someone clicks on one of the advertisements, you will get paid a commission. Just DON’T click on your own ads.

You will also know and be able to change how much each advertisement will pay you by clicking on the “Current max bids” button in your publisher account. does let you know how much you will be earning ‘Per Click’ unlike many other PPC publishers who uses third party advertisers.
Apply for a Bidvertiser’s Publisher Account Here


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