Using Widgets Can Virally Increase Your Website Traffic

Widgetbox is a huge directory of widgets you can place on your blogs, websites, and social network profile.

So what is a Widget as defined in dictionary terms…

1. unnamed device: a little device or mechanism, especially one whose name is unknown or forgotten

2. object: a hypothetical manufactured object, considered to represent the typical product of a manufacturer

A widget in Web 2.0 internet terms can be defined as “information and knowledge on demand”. They are icons in varying sizes, shapes and colors that give you functional and easy to access, clickable information which describe topics of interest or advertisements. Widgets are extremely versatile tools that are placed primarily on blogs, but also found on: desktops, websites, as well as on mobile devices. Users can access the widget message and quickly interact with the information they need for the information they seek.. such as: news reports, entertainment, weather reports, latest blog entries, stock market information or any other areas of interest.

Today’s Internet web space is extremely competitive as vendors and users demand efficient use of desktop realestate. Websites now has to be proactive in nature, drive targeted traffic and develop more incoming links. Widgets seem to be the answer to assist in doing this. These Internet “widgets or gadgets” are an excellent way to market your product or service and make it easily stand out. If you place a widget on your blog or webpage, visitors will instantly be able to download your specialized widget onto their desktop or add them on their blog via small html codes. One of the biggest advantages of using widgets is that they are viral in nature. They allow anyone who has your widget on their website to to share and download your widget directly through their site.


FaceBook, the gigantic social networking site for example, revolutionized their interactivity and popularity by recently introducing and adding the FaceBook Platform in May/07. Now FaceBook widgets are the rage. You will find everything from entertainment and sporting campaigns to different political groups based all on widgets. Because of the popularization of widgets, FaceBook has managed to exponentially attract millions of new members and a lot more advertisers. Other sites that have used widgets to promote and viralize themselves include: MySpace, Revver, PhotoBucket and Blogrush. Savvy internet marketer are increasingly jumping on the widget bandwagon and using it for their benefit.

So as long as you keep your widget informative, useful and simple to understand, they will virally drive traffic to your sites and work as a secret ninja to promote your products or services. Widgets are inexpensive and is an extremely effective way to promote your site through direct response marketing and social networking sites.

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