Vince James – The 12 Month Internet Millionaire – By Russell Brunson – With Free Ebook Preview

The emergence and simplicity of the internet has opened up new pockets of opportunities for global direct marketing and the instant promotion of them. The ease of RSS Feeds, email marketing and website marketing are popular methods for advertising goods and services as “one button, one click” marketing that can reach millions of hungry readers within minutes.

Even for small scaled home entrepreneurs, direct marketing of an ebook or service can now be utilized like the big boys using the direct mail strategies as described in “The 12 Month Millionaire”. This popular ebook by Vincent James has been out for several years and the audio recordings has just again been re-released by Russell Brunson. The 12 Month Millionaire amongst other questions, answers how to avoid direct marketing pieces not to being labeled as spam or junk mail and other marketing queries.

Vincent James describes in detail how to avoid servers housed with “junk or spam mail” filters detecting… well “virtual internet verbiage”. These filters forcing your direct marketing pieces to be deleted before arriving to the end reader. Now despite the amount of people reacting and responding negatively to direct marketing offers infesting your mail box, companies still continue to send them out, simply because, they work.

The 12 Month Internet Millionaire

Free PDF Preview Of The Original “12 Month Millionaire”
Here is a PDF preview of Vincent James Original ebook of “The 12 Month Millionaire”, which was heavily endorsed by of of the greatest marketers of our time, the late great Mr Gary Halbert.. This $300 original is no longer available for purchase which was released in and around 2005.

The 12 Month Internet Millionaire

So Who Is The 12 Month Millionaire – Vince James And Does The Hype Justify The Hype
The substantial hype surrounding this re-release is enhanced by other internet marketers heavily promoting the product. Now this has to say something. The successful marketers can detect the genuine real items from the rubbish.. and the very fact that the majority of them are promoting this has to carry some weight. Any one reading and listening to this material can benefit from learning what Vince James, the 12 month millionaire, has to say. He reveals the secrets of how he made $100 million in less than 2 years.


So your obviously thinking “$100 Million In 2 Years” and your scam alarm is instantly activated and bound to go off. That is an outrageous and substantial amount of money being discussed here. So after doing research about this guy, Vince James does appear to be the real deal and completely genuine and legitimate in the internet marketing circles. So I decided to look further into the 12 month Millionaire Audio and PDF Transcript made available by Russell Brunson.

The package consists of 6 full hours of a “one on one” interview with Vince James where Russell gets him to disclose his biggest direct marketing secrets on how he built his million dollar empire. There is also a complete word for word 300 page PDF transcription of the audio.

After listening to the information, the real meat of “The 12 Month Millionaire” is the quality of the information and not the the quantity. The majority of the candid information that Vince James discloses is very SOLID indeed. Some of the information that you can implement immediately in your current marketing efforts.

The 12 Month Internet Millionaire

Vince continues to discuss in intimate detail on the exact systems and methods he utilizes to generate that $100 million mark. He even reveals some of his best performing ad copy secrets including one substantial tip that actually increased his sales by over 50% without no extra work!

Now don’t expect and assume that after reading and listening to this material that you will be immediately making a million dollars next month. But, if you implement the marketing methods and systems that he explains, and incorporate then into your own business efforts, it should make a difference. Just replicate, reuse and enjoy the end results.

The 12 month Millionaire is definitely worth $37 (Soon to go up, up still worth it!!!)if you are at all serious about your online business!

There is a saying that… If you learn one thing that you didn’t know in any information package, whether it be a marketing seminar or ebook, then it was worth the cost. Well, this one is definitely worth it. The hype lives up to the hype. This package sold 4000+ plus copies in its first two days of release speaks volumes of its quality. The internet marketing crowd is a fickle bunch and they are buying and promoting this package in droves.

The 12 Month Internet Millionaire


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