Visit 10 Of The Worlds Most Spectacular And Scariest Skywalks

5. Shanghai World Center China

Shanghai World Center China
Looks much like a bottle opener, that offers outstanding thrill both externally and internally. Suspended half a kilometer in the air, this is a 55 meter observation corridor walkway over the Shanghai World Financial Center. It has angled glass walls along with transparent glass floor panels, which gives the sensation you’re leaning over the edge, giving a dizzy experience.

4. Tianmen Mountain Walkway Zhangjiajie China

Tianmen Mountain Walkway Zhangjiajie China
Relax, you’re walking on thick glass and won’t fall through, hopefully, but you might faint because of the sensation. On one side is a rugged sheer rock face, while the other is a 4,000ft drop straight down. All that’s separating those who dare, is a 3ft wide, 2.5in thick glass walkway. This transparent skywalk is situated 4,700ft above sea level, located on the side of the Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, China. This is for the pure adventurist who isn’t afraid of heights, and loves life and death situations.

3. Langkawi Sky Bridge Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Bridge Malaysia
Just the image of this magnificent structure makes your heart skip a beat, as this walkway towers high over the forests. The Langkawi Sky Bridge is one of the main attractions. It’s a 410ft long pedestrian bridge suspended above Mount Mat Cinchang, which offers stunning views and heart palpitations. From there, you can view it’s rain forest, along with theTelaga Tujuh Waterfalls. Those who are afraid of heights might get a tad queasy, but fear not as it’s completely secure, with double steel railings and an enclosed wire mesh.

2. Aurland Outlook Norway

Aurland Outlook Norway
If you’re an extreme adrenaline junkie, then Aurland Outlook is where you want to go. This spectacular skywalk is more than a thrill, as it’s the perfect platform for those who has a bit of daredevil in them. This is a spectacular scenic view and rest stop, situated 2000ft above the Aurland fjord in Norway. It offers a stunning beautiful view that’s absolutely breathtaking, as the glass panels shows the drop.

1. CN Tower Canada

CN Tower Canada
The CN Tower in Toronto Canada, pushes you to the edge, literally. This is one of the worlds largest circular glass skywalks, which allows those who dare to experience a hands free walk around its 1.5 meter ledge. You can then enjoy a stunning spectacular open air view of Lake Ontario and Toronto, this 356 meters above the ground. When you’re high up there, there doesn’t appear to be much support, so it’s not meant for those with a weak heart.

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