Voice Your Unbiased Opinion And Get Paid By Epinions.com

Epinions.com helps it’s website visitors make informed buying decisions which are based on user reviews. They aim to provide reviews and peer consumer insight to provide Epinion visitors with a great source of unbiased information to influence buying decisions.

You as a reviewer are expected to provide consumer insight and honest opinions, advice “pros and cons” about a product, product ratings and evaluations and personal recommendations.

Once you submit one of these reviews, you are paid what are known as ERoyalty credits. These ERoyalty credits track how much you earn for writing these reviews. Each ERoyalty credit is then redeemable for U.S. dollars.

When you review something as requested and posted on the epinions site, it joins what is known as the income pool. From the income pool, you can make money based on a secret formula proprietary to epinions that considers how important your review submission was to the visitors buying decision. Popular reviews are paid a monthly amount of credits which are then redeemable for cash.

There are a few ways you can maximize your Income Share Bonuses:

Submit quality reviews that describe in detail your likes and dislikes of the product being reviewed. Be descriptive and concise in what is good or bad about the product.

Make sure you write reviews based on popular and in demand products that you think readers will compare before a buying decision. These high in demand products will generate more page views and as a result more monthly income.

Attempt to be one of the first to write about a new product. Their readers and customers want unbiased first hand information on newly released products that have not yet received very many reviews.

Make sure you rate other reviews honestly and accurately to influence your income share bonus. Those who are able to provide good feedback on the reviews of other contributors will find greater trust and increased visibility.


Be careful selecting who you add to the Web of Trust network. This is your trusted circle of recommended reviewers. The information that is provided is used by others to determine your credibility on Epinions. If you have a strong level of trust, this will help in building a large income share monthly bonus as well.

Registration is free… Join here to start earning from Epinions.com.

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