Wanted:: Work At Home Video Game Testers – Get Paid to Play Video Games!

The video gaming industry is growing at an exponential rate (especially video game software and development) and is one of the fastest and most popular segments of the internet. It has become very different from and has advanced from playing ‘Pong’ on the black and white TV years ago.

As kids, we are all familiar playing our Sony Playstation’s, NES – Nintendo Entertainment Systems, Super Nintendos, and Segas etc. The video gaming industry is thriving like never before and it has hasn’t been as popular as it is right now. Just the development of video games is now a multi BILLION, yes, billion dollar industry and is growing with no end in sight. No longer is it just predominantly preteen boys that compose the game playing consumer segment. It has grown into a full fledged activity for women, working adults and even senior citizens (Hello Wii Fit). They are all getting involved in video game playing these days, thanks to the immense popular Nintendo’s systems that involve physical participation.

As the industry grows, so does the demand for employees, game developers and particularly game testers and the this demand right now is at peak levels. In fact, demand is so high right now, that these game manufactures are continuously out sourcing for help.. for game testers. These high in demand video game testers just basically play newly developed titles, hours upon end, running through the game sequences with a fine tooth comb, to find and make sure there are no errors or bugs present in the video game’s design or functionality.

It’s obviously a highly desirable job for any gamer, and the pay at this time is surprisingly excellent. Now you probably find it hard to believe that people like you are getting paid to test video games right? Even more surprising is that they are getting paid quite handsomely for it. It is simply a case of ‘supply and demand’, and the demand is huge. Believe it, because video gaming is gigantic business these days.

A lot of the big companies are consistently and currently hiring game testers as we speak, in fact, companies such as: Rockstar, EA, Blizzard, THQ, and yes, even the big boys such as, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are all looking to build to their video testing teams. The best part is…You don’t even have to know someone to get you into the industry anymore, the demand is that high.

Now, there are multitudes of guides and books showing you how to get in and becoming a video game tester, with concise information on how you can get in direct contact with these companies ASAP, and get you start playing video games and get paid for it… LOL. So what are you waiting for? Kiss that lousy nine to five so called job goodbye and start doing what you want to do for a living.


The Obvious Benefits Of Becoming An Stay At Home Video Game Tester
Becoming a video game tester obviously has lots of advantages. It’s an ever expanding, unlimited industry thats here to stay. So because of its high demand for testers, people now enjoy some of the great benefits and rewards of video game testing! There are a heck of a lot more positives in becoming a video game tester than there are negatives.

One of the greatest benefits testing video games is you can get to stay at home, in your PJ’s and simultaneously do what you love doing, which is playing games and get paid for it. Great for stay at home moms. Stop dealing with the daily hassles of every day life and stop commuting to that dead end job.

So if you love playing video games and if you would like the opportunity to play, at home, and get paid for it… are you friggin kidding me?

Visit this site and start making an effortless income…. snicker… Playing Video Games From Home.
There is also a 60 day money back guarantee so… No. You have nothing to lose.

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