Ways To Effectively Localize Your Website Using Google Plus

using google for your small businessAlthough Google+ may currently be a bit lagging behind Facebook when it comes to the most popular of social media sites on the Web, but once you consider all of the various social networks, it’s certainly becoming important enough for you not to ignore it.

This especially if you have a website while also operating a local business or service which needs to get more exposure in your immediate local neighborhood or city.

Once you establish a profile on Google+ Plus, doing so will not only help you in branding your business, but will also connect you with immediate customers while making your brand, product, service, or store a lot more visible in the search results.

Not long ago, what Google did was they integrated Google Places directly into Google+, which then allows your potential customers to be able to find, review, and then share your local business directly on the social network.

But for you to get better results, to get the best ROI possible when it comes to your Google+ profile, you’ll need to optimize it by adopting a “local” mentality.

Getting Better Ratings And Unbiased Reviews
The majority of consumers will hunt for genuine reviews, ratings, and feedback, and then take the results into strong consideration when they’re about to make a purchasing decision.

This is the reason why it’s extremely important for all local businesses to leave a great impression with their customers by giving superior service while encouraging them to leave feedback, hopefully favorable.


Once Google integrated Places with Google+, doing so made it significantly more important than ever. This since Google will now prominently display the Zagat ratings and reviews for each and every business, both on their organic search results as well as on Google+.

So once a consumer begins searching for your local business while using the “Local” tab on Google+, they’re able to filter the results based on the best reviews from people who are in their Google circles.

What this also means is that any potential customer who may be searching for your particular local business on the Web can read a few of the reviews regarding your business, this regardless whether they’re wanting to do so or not since the reviews are there.

Since this is now becoming the norm, a multitude of hopefully favorable reviews should be able to propel your business which not just benefits the search results, but will also help encourage further conversion.

Make Sure That You Completely Optimize The “About” Section
It’s now becoming extremely important for all Webmasters to completely optimize the About section of their Google+ Pages profile, this because that’s where all of the vital information is displayed.

This includes the description of your business, the hours of operation, phone number including contact information, etc. Doing so also provides Google with accurate information regarding your business.

Google has also recently introduced a few new updates to their Local Business Place Pages in Google+. This includes businesses being able to add new categories to their Pages.

Once a business maintains the correct address along with category information and does so consistently, then they’ll be more than likely to appear in the organic search results along with prominently appearing on Google+ Local for anyone searching for their specific location.

Participating In Google “Offers” Service
Even if the “daily deals” offers aren’t as popular as they once were a few years ago, one thing for certain is that consumers are still looking for a great deal, and will still pounce on the opportunity.

That’s why it’s recommended that a good strategy for local businesses is to continue to participate in these daily deals services, particularly the one which is provided through the Google Offers platform.


Not only will Google promote your offer through email as well as through mobile apps, but your offer will also show up in the Google+ Local tab search results, as Google loves to interconnect all of their services together.

Begin Your Own Google+ Community
What Google+ “Communities” does is it allows Google+ users to be able to create their own social groups which are based on specific interests or topics.

The best method which local businesses can take advantage of this is by creating a public Community, this to help them develop relationships with their current as well as potentially new customers.

Your company brand can further connect with your customers by creating Community Events or by actively participating in Hangout video chats with the Community members.

Also, the chances are good that the content from these public Google+ Communities may eventually begin to filter into the organic search results as well, this again since Google loves to merge their services.

Where To Go From Here Using Google
Google is a continuous growing entity which will certainly have new updates along with offering new tools and services which will make it easier for all local businesses to be able to reach out and connect with their consumers a lot better in the future.

The Google Places for Business page states that they’re planning on making a few changes to improve the local business listings experience while enhancing better community, sharing, identity, and relationships when it comes to Google+ to local businesses.

So what all local businesses can and should be doing is preparing for these updates by actively optimizing their current profiles while continuing to engage with their customers by using Google+ Plus Local.


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