What Is Required to Start an eZine Publication

Starting your own eZine publication can be a lot easier than you think. This is because the basic necessity that you really need to get started publishing your own paperless newsletter is content, an auto responder with broadcast features and a website (which is optional).

Content. You can compile weeks of content ahead in advance and slowly dispense the information to your subscribers. For example, you can compile 100 short tips in one day and dispense 10 tips once a week. This will compile 10 weeks worth of content in just one day!

An auto responder. Your auto responder is your best asset. You need an auto responder to send your mails and eZine issues to your subscribers and store your data base of people subscribed to your newsletter. Some recommended auto responders include GetResponse.com and aWeber.com.

A Website. You may be surprised that this is actually an optional component. In short, there are eZine publishers publishing their newsletters without a website! But of course, having your own website can offer you tremendous advantages, such as the ability to bring in more subscribers and having your newsletter and website indexed in the top Search Engines.

These are the things you need to get started on publishing your own eZine. There are a lot of eZine publishers that succeed well with only an auto responder and content, with or without a website. And you can, too!


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