What Is The Value Of Your Home – A No Cost Instant And Accurate Valuation Of Your House

Are you wondering “What Is The Value Of Your Home” compared to other similar houses in your area? Whether you are planning to sell your house, looking to purchase a home, interested in your home’s value for mortgage refinancing, looking for a second opinion or you are just curious in what your house is worth… Easy Home Valuation offers a free, no obligation, instant and accurate valuation of your home based on your
immediate area.

True market value of your home is only a relevant value until you are ready to sell your house. This “market value” is based according to other home buyers based on the size, age and area of your house. What is irreverent is recent renovations to your home, what you originally paid for your home etc. Easy Home Valuation will give you an accurate unbiased appraisal based on what the current market says it’s worth. 

What Is The Value Of Your Home – Part One

To accurately estimate the market value of your home, Easy Home Valuation uses “comparables.” Easy Home Valuation will find similar homes nearby in your area that have sold within the last six to twelve months (these will be your comparables). This information along with the final sales price, terms of the sale, complete descriptions and size of the property is taken into account for a final valuation.

What Is The Value Of Your Home – Part Two


Home appraisal is an inexact science. Easy Home Valuation will find houses sold in your immediate area, and if the house sale was over 12 months ago, appreciation will also be calculated. Another factor to consider is if a home sold with seller financing. Easy Home Valuation will adjust how this affected the final selling price and the difference will be taken into accountl. Easy Home Valuation is a free no obligation online service that will accurately appraise your house based on strict criteria. It’s always better to get several opinions when asking “What Is The Value Of Your Home?”. Easy Home Valuations can do a no cost “market analysis” of your house value.

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