Who Or What’s Hoodia Gordinii And Are There Any Side Effects?

Hoodia Gordinii is not a person, he is not a dude who invented some diet program, Hoodia is a plant belonging to a family of plants known as Apocynaceae, that’s popularly used by the people of southern Africa, and used primarily as a thirst quencher, as well as an appetite suppressant. The plants have also been known to cure: hemorrhoids, abdominal cramps, tuberculosis, hypertension, diabetes and indigestion. A variety of uses of the plant have been discovered and recorded in the following areas: Northern Namibia, Northern Botswana, Khomani and the Angola communities of Africa. The use of this plant has been recorded to be used by other indigenous people of the continent, as a food source and for basic horticultural purposes.

The (CSIR), Council for Scientific and Industrial Research based in South Africa, isolated the main ingredient, known as (P57) as the active appetite suppression compound found in Hoodia Gordonii. The CSIR then licensed the rights for developing the P57 compound as well as a production system to Phytopharm, based in the UK. Phytopharm then turned the sub licensing rights to Pfizer for further development as well as global commercialization and distribution.

Does Hoodia Gordonii Have Any Side Effects
There has been a variety of research and development that were strictly undertaken before launching Hoodia Gordonii as a commercialized weight–loss product on the market. It’s been proven and firmly established that the Hoodia diet product can safely reduce your appetite, restricting your calorie intake up to 1 kilo of calories per day.

Intensive studies have shown no significant bad side effects among those using the Hoodia Gordonii as a diet source. Although there’s no documented side effects using Hoodia Gordonii, there are however a few rumors of ‘mild mood and aphrodisiac elevation’. The main ingredient known as ‘P57’ is what’s responsible for the reduction in hunger when taking Hoodia Gordonii, as well as being responsible for the slight mood elevation.

Hoodia Gordonii has been used for centuries in Africa, where the plant originated, and has effectively restricted ‘hunger as well as thirst’ during the long hunting-expeditions. Since these ‘Bushmen’ tribes have used Hoodia while on these long-hunting trips, the plant has also increased strength as well as staving off hunger. Those looking for a clean, effective Gordonii product can only find just a few companies that have it available. It’s believed that the Hoodia Gordonii diet is the most effective ‘appetite suppressant’ product currently on the market.

The Gordonii product is a innovative product to help those looking for a proven weight management program. The Hoodia Gordonii recently has been in the spotlight as public interest has grown as an effective supplement for losing weight.


Although there are around 20 different types of Hoodia Gordonii plants available; only a few varieties of the plant contains the ‘appetite suppressant’ ingredient that allows you to lose weight. Unlike other ‘appetite suppressants’ or ‘diet pills’ on the market, Hoodia has no known side effects. Anyone considering taking the Hoodia Gordonii diet supplement, should consult with their health practitioner or physician before making any changes to their eating or dieting habits.

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