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So I found out why some people were overweight by joining a free social networking site based on reader contributions of medical issues, it’s called iMedix. So why are people fat? Well simply put, there are certain glands and organs in the human body that regulates how the body burns the food you eat for fuel, and how they convert the same foods into fat. These body parts include: the pancreas, thyroid, stomach, liver, the small and large intestines and the colon.

So if you have a slow metabolism rate, some of these organs and glands are not functioning at peak levels. Once you find out if a certain body part is not operating as it should be, you ask… “Why?” You naturally look for the cause. There are a lot of reasons for a low metabolism rate, which includes yo-yo dieting. Yo-Yo dieting is when you enter a cycle of repeatedly losing weight and then gaining weight. Your body and it’s organs gets confused, and thus your body metabolism goes array.

So, here are some of the main reasons why certain body parts fail and you begin to gain weight

• Most Overweight People Have An Under-Active Thyroid
If you have a thyroid which is under active, the term is known as “hypoactive thyroid”. The result is your body’s ability to convert food into energy is much too slow and thus the food you eat turns into fat. So what is the Number 1 cause for a “hypoactive thyroid”? Well, no one really knows for sure.
But there are a few theories.
The main contributing factor to a “hypoactive thyroid” is caused by the fluoride in the water that you drink. Fluoride is only placed in the water systems in North America and is not put in the drinking water in most of the countries in the world. This may be one of the many reasons why Americans have such under-active thyroid problems and thus a low metabolism rate causing you to be overweight. This is only one of the many factors as there is not one reason for the cause of obesity. It is obviously a combination of many things that causes some of us to be fat.

• Most Overweight People Have A Pancreas That Doesn’t Work Properly

The pancreas main purpose is to secrete insulin. Overweight people have a pancreas that secretes insulin much faster than thin people. So what causes the pancreas to secrete more insulin? Again, no one really knows why. But the main cause seems to be based on some of the ‘food additives’ added to the food served in North America. Many of these food additives and preservatives are not added in the food in other countries. Another reason is the high amounts of refined white sugar causes pancreas problems as well. American food uses more processed white sugar into their food than any other country.

• Most Overweight People Have A Clogged Sluggish Liver

The livers main purpose is to detoxify. When it becomes clogged, your metabolism rate slows down. So what is the cause of clogging of the liver? The number one reason seems to be non-prescription over-the-counter drugs that you have taken in your life, as well as the prescription drugs you have taken. The most notably appears to be if you have taken any cholesterol reducing drugs, your liver becomes absolutely, categorically clogged. Chlorine and fluoride in the drinking water is another cause for a clogged liver. Food additives placed in processed fast food dramatically clogs the liver. Other contributors include refined white sugar and processed white flour. Chemical substances such as MSG, artificial sweeteners, glutamate, and other food preservatives clog the liver. So the bottom line is… pharmaceutical companies and the main group of ‘bad’ foods all aid in clogging your liver!

• Most Overweight People Suffer From A Sluggish Digestive System

Which includes the Large and Small Intestines. Overweight people have a problem producing digestive enzymes. So if you are not producing enough of these digestive enzymes, your food does not convert into energy and has a higher chance of being converted into fat. The main reason why you are not producing enough digestive enzymes is? It again appears that the food additives placed in the American food supply. The intestine as a result in overweight people are thus not as healthy as those of thin people. It also appears a main culprit is candida yeast overgrowth. So why would your body have a candida yeast overgrowth? The reason is antibiotics. If you have taken even just one antibiotic in your life, that one antibiotic killed most if not all the friendly flora in your small and large intestines and allowed for candida yeast to run rampant, infesting your intestine as well as your colon, slowing down your digestion tract.

So, if you were to ask what is The Number 1 reason for you having a slow metabolism? Obviously the answer is “What you’ve placed in your body.” Its the unknown poisons you inject in your body that affect your metabolism rate. These toxins include prescription and non prescription drugs, chemicals used in the growing of food, artificial food additives, the whites: flour and sugar and fluoride and chlorine in the water system.


One other major reason why your metabolism is low is… Exercise. The more muscle that you have, the higher your metabolism rate is. Most Americans have very low amounts of muscle in their bodies. This results in not burning enough calories as you can. The biggest issue in not getting enough exercise is simply the lack of walking. The human body is built and designed to walk. A study base on thin Africans, Europeans, Asians, and South Americans showed that the common denominator of thin people is the amount of walking they do on a daily basis. Thin people in these countries walk close to five miles per day. The average American walks less than half a mile a day! Lack of simply walking reduces a person’s metabolic rate significantly.

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