Why Article Marketing Is The Best Internet Marketing Method For Your Site

Only words that mean something are important. Traditional marketing such as: brand marketing and memorable slogans or logos that will be forever embedded in the intended target markets brain (Remember Nike… “Just Do It”) works only for the big multinational Fortune 100 companies, only because they can afford to and have the capital to develop these humongous ads and campaigns. In addition to these sparkling ads, they also have the top notch copywriters to pump out great articles on their websites or on TV.

Say Hello To My Little Friend Article Marketing
The advantage of precise article marketing is you don’t need deep pockets to write and then publish articles. All you need is product knowledge, a bit of creativity and a dose of motivation.

The writing process is an art of continuous creative thinking. It comes easy for some, but for far too many, it is one of the most intense brain numbing tasks associated with internet marketing.

The Difference Between Sales Letters and Article Writing
A sales letter is a crucial soldier to promote your business, so writing one justifies the effort. Whats more difficult however is justifying the writing of articles as there is really no benefit to you but only for the reader. You are asking yourself, why exert this effort and provide all this useful information for free.

For basically the same reason you reading this article, it acts as a stepping stone to bridge a gap to help YOU. You are interested and need more information about the benefits of article marketing and see if marketing articles can help you.

Does Writing Articles and Marketing Them Really Work?
This is a resounding simple, “YES”. But first you have to understand your website visitors mentality, what their intentions are or what their expectations are online and then design how the article relates to their state-of-mind.


First you need to remember and realize that the premise of the internet is that visitors use the net for one thing… and that is to get good precise, valuable information, hopefully for free.

How relevant your particular information is related to what they are looking for determines if they are willing to get more information from your website, or if they decide to move on to another site.

Remember, there are a million of places where they can get their information online. What will hopefully set you apart from the pack is the quality and the relevance of precise information you are able to provide them.

The People Surfing Online These Days Are Savvy
People who surf the internet these days are a rather sophisticated bunch. They are extremely smart and very well informed. Most are now immune to banner ad bombardment that they get usually get on a daily basis.

They also know that the internet is now strictly a marketing tool and as a result, most websites are after them to pry their wallets out of their backsides, one way or another.

So yes, the online surfers today are this smart. So how do you then going convince them that your product or service is what they need and then peel off the credit card stapled on their skin?

The solution is that you have to let them know about your product knowledge or expertise through your free article.

Your article immediately helps build a relationship and trust with your readers. It helps you connect. If crafted properly, it tells them what they have to know and teases them with enough information that allows them to want more information on your offer and then click to your site.

Articles Do Build Trust and Relationships
Each and every one of your website visitors come with the “buyers beware” logo stuck on their foreheads, as a defense mechanism based on the fear of getting ripped off or hyped. Writing precise articles will remove that layer of fear your visitor feel when they cruise online.

Articles also creates credibility about your product or service to the point they may even opt-in to your newsletter list, requesting for more valuable information. Beyond this point, it can only be a matter of time before your virtual cash register starts ringing!


Your constructive article paves the way for your visitors to see and realize what you’re capable of providing the information they seek, and it’s only a natural reaction for them to want more information and see what they can gain from you.

The Simple Solution Is Article Writing and Marketing

The easiest solution towards building your online credibility is writing and then publishing and promoting your free articles. This shows the world what you’re offering and what you’re capable of doing, and helps them make a decision by visiting your website. This is only if they find your information and expertise relevant enough to what they want or need.

How To Test Your Articles
So you want further proof? Hope so, it’s only human nature. The most visible proof is that article marketing really does work is around you everyday.

Do yourself a favor. Take a look and check out your favorite newspaper or magazine. What do you trust more, the ads or the articles?


Try and think back… what and when was the last time you bought something online, what was the exact process that led to buy?

Was it after you read a good review about it or was it because of an ad, and you made a spontaneous decision?

Most will learn about the product first, by researching and reading about other opinions, that alone should be enough proof that article marketing really does work.

3 Reasons Why Articles Makes Readers Informed Buyers!
– A well crafted article helps to eliminate the unknown or fear by removing your visitors ‘defense mechanism’ by you establishing credibility and trust.

– Articles helps in creating precise targeted visitors interested in your product or service before they visit your website.

– Your articles help in creating informed visitors even if don’t visit your site, they will still learn something new from you.

You cannot just write a few articles and then cross your fingers and hope for the best. Write as many articles as you can to promote your product or affiliate programs and submit them to as many article directories as possible.

But submitting articles can be a rather time consuming activity, so you would want to subscribe to online article submission site such as articlemarketer.com, to help you in submitting your articles to as many online article directories as possible.

Be patient, as your articles may take a little time to circulate the internet. But once they do, you will surely be rewarded – you will get free targeted organic traffic to your site for years to come.

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