Why Buying A Digital D-SLR Camera May Be The Best Choice

digital-dslr cameraWhen you’re looking to take the highest of quality optimized photos, then a state of the art D-SLR or digital single-lens reflex camera can deliver that for you. Because the D-SLR comes with fully adjustable settings, as well as interchangeable lenses and other features, the D-SLR is definitely the most powerful as well as the most versatile camera on the market. As the sizes and thus prices vary, there should be a D-SLR to fit your budget. Listed are the variety of features that you should be considering.

MegaPixels or Sensors
When it comes to D-SLR’s cameras, the larger and more sensitive the sensor is, the better the image will be. What the sensor does is it captures and then processes the light of the image you are pointing at, and then converts it into a digital file. So the larger the sensor, the result is a higher quality vivid image with better accuracy of colors and a lot less noise. The sensor’s resolution is measured in megapixels, which will also influence the quality of the printed image.

Generally, a 21 MegaPixel image is a lot higher in quality than an equivalent image of 10 MegaPixels. Measuring megapixels however is not the sole measure of the images quality.

Lenses For Your D-SLR Digital Camera
There are digital camera packages that will include lenses, which are often a better deal. Although it is possible to just purchase the D-SLR body and go from there, a package that also includes various lenses is always a better deal. The variety of lenses are usually determined and classified by its focal length.

For Example, Using a short range zoom lens, which can be used for everyday picture taking, usually has a focal length range of approximately 18 to 55mm. Long-range zooms on the other hand, which will bring distant objects or subjects closer, has a range of approximately 70 to 200mm+ plus. Wide angle lenses, which are best ideal and suitable for panorama shots, has a focal length of around 28mm or less.

Some of these lenses will also feature a built-in optical image stabilization feature, which at times is called vibration reduction or VB, which will help in reducing the likelihood of producing blurry images.

Shooting HD Video On Your D-SLR Camera
Many of the D-SLRs digital cameras are able to shoot high-definition full 1080p videos along with sound. It’s as easy as just switching the camera over to the HD Movie Mode to be able to instantly capture HD video clips. The length of video will depend on the storage capacity of the memory card. You will also be able to playback and then view the video directly on the camera’s LCD screen, transfer it to a computer, or view it on a HD television or monitor screen, provided it has the proper inputs.

The Ease Of Using Digital D-SLR Camera’s
The preset scene modes which are available can simplify the image shooting process. You can simply select the appropriate mode that you want, and then capture the perfect photos of your holiday, kids, sporting events etc. The built in special effects on the camera, such as black and white images or sepia tones, can add additional dimensions to your picture taking. Some of the D-SLRs also include a guide mode, allowing you to instantly take better images.

Before You Buy A D-SLR Camera
So once you’re ready to go searching for that D-SLR Camera, there are a few things that you need to be looking out for.

Price Comparisons
Knowing your approximate budget beforehand is always important. We are always wanting the Top Of The Line model at the lowest possible price. If it’s your first D-SLR camera, that may be impractical as well as unaffordable. So set a price first before deciding on the features that you want.

When setting your budget, take into account additional costs such as: batteries, lenses, memory cards and other accessories such as cases. You may save money by picking a less expensive base camera model, then picking accessories such as a better lens etc.

The Size Of The D-SLR Camera
Size always matters. When you’re upgrading from say a Point & Shoot digital camera up to a D-SLR, you will notice that the size of the body is always larger. D-SLR cameras will also range in size as well as weight depending on the manufacturer. Most of the entry level D-SLR cameras will be the same size and weight however.

The Cameras Intended Usage

What you are planning to use the camera for obviously determines the camera that you’re going to need.

If you’re a semi-professional photographer for example, who photographs models, you should be looking for a D-SLR camera which has a higher megapixel count to capture detail as well as the best image quality. A photographer who is outdoors and shoots sporting events, will give up the megapixels and go for shooting faster frames per second to capture the bursts of images.

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