Why Digital Cameras Are So Great – Also Submit Your Baby Photo In The Cute Kid Photo Contest

So year after year, there are a lot more newer and advanced digital cameras that are being produced and thus introduced to the marketplace by the different camera manufacturers. They all differ in design, specific features and all that lends to a lot more confusion when making a decision when buying a new digital camera, especially if you are a non-techie.

But do not fret folks… Broken down is a concise list of some items that you as a digital camera buyer should be looking out for when buying a new camera.

1. So How Many Of Them Megapixels Do You Really Need?
The more advanced and thus costlier the digital camera is, the more pixels you get. But before you shell out the tons of money for that million megapixel dig camera, remember there are other important factors that you have to consider when buying a camera. Are megapixels really that important? Well, to the naked eye, experts cannot see the difference when looking at a picture taken by a 5 or 10-megapixel camera.

2. How Much Memory Do You Need For Your Digital Camera?
Do you prefer to store the pictures that you take and just leave them on your digital camera, instead of transferring them on your computer? Then you may need to purchase additional memory, which houses larger capacity for your digital camera.

Also, if you are serious or a professional photographer, and use a digital SLR, these cameras require and use a lot more memory as they store higher quality pictures.

3. Batteries Are The Lifeline Of Your Digital Camera.
When looking for a quality reliable digital camera, make sure that back up batteries are available easily, just in case your current one runs dry. This can always happen when you least expect it. You can also consider rechargeable batteries as they are a lot more cost effective.


Introduction To Digital Cameras and Photography
Digital photography was first introduced back in the late 1980’s to mid 1990’s when these extremely high priced digital cameras became commercially available to professional photographers. Back then, they were pretty well exclusive to the select few, as the costs ran into the thousands.

Since then, almost all of us have put away those trusty film rolls and cameras in favor of the digital camera, as the prices have dramatically dropped and they are a lot more convenient.

Taking digital photographs is the process of taking pictures and then saving them in a digital format. A scanned photograph can also be considered as a digital photo.

Almost everyone these days prefer using the digital format over film for several reasons. First, the results of taking digital photographs are instantaneous. Take the picture and you can immediately view it or print it out provided you have a digital printer.

Also, immediately after the photograph is taken, you as the photographer can decide if you like the photo or not. If not, it’s just a matter of deleting the picture off your camera. This is obviously a lot cheaper than using film as every print taken including the bad ones, are processed.

Probably the best feature of taking digital photographs is its viral nature. You can immediately share or post your favorite photos on the internet, burn them on a disc, or email them to your friends or family.

However, there are still some purists that choose film photographs over digital. According to them, the photographs using traditional film produces a more lifelike, ‘color real’ realistic image than those taken by a digital camera.

The more costly advanced digital cameras however, are quickly gaining ground on film based cameras, and will most likely only be a matter of time before they produce the same quality images that will impress even the purists.

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