Why Investing In Gold Today Is Your Best Investment

This is one of the finest examples that history repeats itself. What’s happening right now, is almost an exact duplicate of what happened during the great depression of the 1930s, in fact, its almost an exact carbon copy. The Federation is currently printing out and flooding the market with a ton of paper cash, allowing the stock and real estate markets to regenerate themselves. Well, why is this a bad thing you ask? The major banks are loaning out and circulating this cash on very slim to no margins, thus creating a gigantic bubble, which as always, will eventually burst.

It happened back then, 80 years ago, when they tried to fix the similar ‘broken’ economy, like it is apparently today. This all at the expense of you and me, the taxpayer. Well, it didn’t work back then, so the Feds got them out of their little economic funk by a little war called… WW11. The federal reserve back then literally printed out trillions of dollars in paper currency in an attempt to kick start the broken economy back into shape, it was a band aid fix and didn’t work.

This new fresh paper currency had to be backed by something solid like gold, so everyone was asked to cash in their gold holdings so they could print more money, the result, what it did was the price of gold jumped by 75% literally overnight. In 2008, there is no such backing.

Now every other major country with currency is following suit and printing and thus circulating paper cash like there is no tomorrow…but we all know there is. We live in times of hyper inflation, fools gold. So how does our little green planet fix this? Well, without world government intervention, the best course is to let it run its course, without interference. This means no bailouts, don’t give out subsidies, the governments have to stop helping by giving out free handouts altogether. If the major corporations are going broke, then they probably should do so, they should be held accountable. They put themselves in this situation and then they want someone to bail them out. Everyone should be self sufficient even if it results in they going under.

This of course will never happen, the government will persistently help these big boys out, again with the working classes tax dollars. Barack Obama has stated that he will help out the poor, yes, like Robin Hood, steal from the rich and give to the poor. Sounds a little like…’biting the hand that feeds you’, as he received billions of funding from the same rich.

This Earth we live in and the continents it houses, with the United States being no exception, are filled with lazy un-productive people. They all contribute to bringing down the working class. Unfortunately, the majority of Africa as a continent, countries like India and China with its mass population with the majority uneducated are responsible for this, according to world economists. The problem is, there is no humane way to solve this. The world governments can give handouts after handouts, but that just feeds the problem and doesn’t solve it.


The Constitution dictates what the government can do and what they can’t.It gives guidelines and permissions, the same permissions that have been totally ignored as well as violated lately, resulting in our current condition. There is presently not a better place on earth to live than the United States, there are still pockets of great little towns and cities with sound banks and responsible governments, as well as favorable weather. So it is our responsibility as a good citizen is to somehow protect this.

Why You Should Be Investing In Gold

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