Why Using Twitter’s Free Service Is Critical For Your Business – Twitter Traffic Exposed

Twitter as is you know is the frantic rage at this moment anywhere on the online world, and for good reason. Countless individuals, movie stars, athletes, politicians and businesses are sending out millions of tweets on a hourly basis. They continuously send out tweet after tweet, updating their dedicated twitter followers about their status, where and what they are doing, where they’re going, anything up to the minute… The biggest question that a lot of internet marketers and business owners are wondering is; How can I use Twitter to help me?

Twitter now plays an active role in any online and offline business, big or small, and is being constantly integrated in their overall marketing and business strategy. Businesses are already dropping the traditional ‘Yellow Page’ types of advertising for their business and adopting a more direct, focused online marketing campaign. Twitter is playing that major active role for these business owners.

So Are You Still Wondering What Twitter Is?
Twitter is easy to use and free to sign up. What it does is it is a service that broadcasts your messages, news or updates, links and other types of quick messages that you want to transmit to your followers. Twitter is now the prime example of social permission based marketing, contacting those that only want to hear from you. Permission or request based marketing using Twitter is now becoming the standard advertising method, replacing marketing by email as strict spam rules restrict what you can and cannot send via email.

So anyone starting a website or online campaign now needs a Twitter and Facebook account to send instant messages about their products or services that they provide.

Twitter broadcasts or Tweets are a short 140 character message which your followers instantly receive. So whenever you have something important to announce or share to your dedicated audience, Twitter is the method. Tweets can now be pulled from RSS Feeds, your blogs, or you can use your iPhone to send out Tweets.

An Example How Twitter Can Save Your Life


You and your 10 friends all decide to go to a U2 concert. The stadium is Sold Out, and there are 65,000 people there. You all have excellent spots on the floor, but during and after the 3 hour concert, a few of your friends get lost in the crowd… What to do, what to do?

Fortunately you and and all your friends have smartphones… an iPhone or a Blackberry. To get everybody together, all you have to do is instantly make a Tweet on your Twitter account saying: Everyone meet at Gate 42 at 10:30.

Everyone in your group will instantly get the Tweet on their phones and your lives are saved.

Why Your Business Needs Twitter
So why does your business need to take advantage of Twitter?
Here are a few business ideas you can immediately implement, that has proven to work:

Special Offer Tweets
As mentioned, Dell Corp when marketing their products use Twitter as their main sales tool. They have a large audience of followers and what they do is distribute coupons for their Twitter followers only. So your most loyal customers will instantly flock to you. Twitter will identify your hottest, ready to buy buyers from the rest of the crowd.

Builds A Focused List
Marketing locally via online is the new rage. Twitter can be potent as a local marketing tool. You can easily search for a specific locale by using the Twitter search engine, and follow 1000’s of people who are directly in your local area. Then you can develop instant relationships, without even knowing them.

JV or Partnership Attracts
Anyone in marketing or in business does or should be looking to network and connect with other marketers or business associates. That’s why conferences, meetings and trade shows are one of the best ways to form strategic business alliances. But they are bulky, take too long to organize and expensive. Twitter makes this instantly easy by eliminating the distance as well as the time issues by making connections easy.

Twitter Explodes Sales
One of the key factors in your Twitter marketing campaign’s is it’s relevancy. The more ‘on the same page’ you are with your clients or prospect’s needs, the more sales you will be making. The best way to do this is follow others on Twitter and watch the trending topics. See what others are talking or tweeting about and then tailor your marketing messages around them.

Twitter may seem like an odd word or is still thought of as a geeks way of instant communication. It’s not. It is a vital online mainstream communication method that pinpoints what you need to communicate with your focused audience. Once you begin using Twitter for you business, you will be surprised by the results!


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