Why You In Business Need To Join The Twitter Revolution – Nothing Comes Close To It

So if you are at all interested in following any major event, such as a certain election, then focus your attention on Twitter as it reveals a precise ‘minute by minute’ account on the general public’s reaction to every move these politicians make. Twitter was recently used on TV where the host shifted their attention to ‘pull up quotes’ from what the public was thinking on Twitter. They used it as a general gauge to measure the pulse on how everyone was reacting.So Twitter is turning into a glorified digital, permission based stalking site. Twitter is probably one of the most popular of the Web 2.0 online social networking sites, as it allows and enable you as a member (Free) to set up your own personal profile which is an easy painless process. Once your setup, satisfied with your profile, the big question pops up… What are you doing?

What am I doing? Well, make it quick and short because you only have 140 characters to reply, which is about one short detailed sentence, or a text message. What you say is entirely up to you. It could be pointless, “doing my laundry, feeding the goldfish, putting ketchup on my kraft dinner” etc., or as interesting as, “John McCain has affair and marries running mate”. Very much like every day life, you see most of the messages posted from others Twitters, known as “tweets”, can be absolutely useless and stupid or it can be compelling.

The viral power of using the Twitter network is how many people you decide to follow. You just simply add people you want tweets from, and vice-versa, they follow you. The easy thing of course is most will just twit for twit sake, and you will end up following, or others following what you do, and they don’t know who the heck you are. But on the other hand, the cool part of Twitter is meeting and discovering new friends and people thus creating new online relationships. Just like the gigantic social networks, Myspace and Facebook, you will have to find the time and prioritize.

Twitter As A Business Tool
So can Twitter be a useful tool for business or is it just another useless online time sucking digital gadget? It’s a common thing that takes place, online useless fads ever since the internet officially went commercial years ago. So can Twitter be a valuable business tool or does it kill productivity. The same question was asked on the introduction of: the BlackBerry, video and email and blogs, the answer is somewhere in between.

All these new technologies can cause disruption as they are new, and anything new is viewed with skepticism. As new technologies grasp our every day to day lives, these changes usually cause discomfort and uncertainty. So, how can you decide if a tool like Twitter can be a useful tool for you and your business?

One easy way to find out if there is any business value to Twitter is to see if anyone is talking (tweeting) about you or your company on twiter. Summize.com, which was recently bought out by twitter is a searchable website that you can search ‘tweets’ based on keywords. So go to what is now www.search.twitter.com, and do a quick search to find out if you or your company, your company brand or your competitors has any tweets taking place.


You can almost say goodbye to email. So passe, it just takes too long. Twitter is instant gratification. It is quickly becoming the primary mainstream way to communication and trade content. Large companies are now allowing some of their marketing staff to use Twitter to solve easy customer service issues or even to launch new products.

Twitter has grasped the internet public due to its speed and the immense size of instant content going through it. Even some big time bloggers are abandoning their once livelihood, and just doing the Twittering thing. It’s a lot easier to just communicate 140-characters than writing out a blog post and publishing it online. The content is delivered a lot more quicker and being portable, can be done anywhere, as from your mobile phone.

There are big name public figures (movie stars, newscasters etc. who’s joined the platform and are inviting and encouraging their audience to join their tweet broadcasts. Using Twitter, their audience has become a lot more personal, intimate and conversational with their mass audience. Some claim there are as much as 50,000 people following their tweets.

So even though Twitter is still a relatively new communication platform, and is still going through growing pains, yes it can be an excellent viable business tool to use. The learning curve is not long, you will be tweeting in no time.

You can start by being a Twitter looker, to better understand how it works and the type of people and content it has. Check out the big ones, like the U.S. Federal election feed which has millions of followers. www.election.twitter.com.

So go ahead, the waters fine, the world is truly getting smaller and everyone wants to know what your doing right now, as this very moment.

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