Why You Should Be Cutting Out A High ‘Hard Fat’ Cholesterol Diet

No one would knowingly pour unwanted grease that will solidify, from a frying pan into say a kitchen drain. As you know, more likely sooner than later, the disposed grease fat will eventually harden, collect on the sides of the drain pipe and then clog up. Then it’s time to call in the plumbers to clean the pipes out. Well, the exact same effect can and does happen in your blood vessel walls that feeds blood to your heart. Scales and scales of hard fat can accumulate and plug the blood vessels, eventually leading to and causing a coronary heart attack. This is exactly why consuming bad fat is often referred to as…The Grease Trap Disease!

When you eat primarily processed foods which contain high amounts of any type of bad fats, your blood becomes contaminated and mixed with small fat droplets. Blood, as you know is a liquid/water compound, and as with blood, anything that contains water, does not mix with fat very well. Our bodies however has certain ways to separate and filter the fat out of the blood. There are certain types of fat, known as soft fats, that will travel in and out of your blood stream quite easily, without sticking to the walls. Then there are the similar droplets of hard fats, which are laced with cholesterol, that are not as easy to get rid of.

What Are The Hard Fats
The ‘hard fats’ are what causes the cholesterol level in the blood to rise, and some of the bad cholesterol will linger in the blood. Then eventually, especially when you don’t do anything to reduce the high blood-cholesterol levels, a particle of the bad cholesterol as well as the hard fat will eventually cling to the inside walls of the blood vessel. Over time, these tiny specks of bad cholesterol and fat will buildup and become a problem.

This bad wax-like cholesterol build up, combined with the hard fat particles, will begin to collect in these targeted areas. When combined together, they will then eventually begin to form “scales” inside the artery walls. This is what the doctors refer to as plaque buildup, which tends to accumulate and clog up the flow of blood in the arteries.

So once where the blood was able to flow freely, slowly but surely, it will become narrower and narrower. At some point, this blood flow may eventually stop altogether, much like the insides of the water pipe. A piece of fat plaque will eventually build up to be large enough to completely plug up the artery. If this happens in the blood vessels, it is referred to as coronary thrombosis, which ultimately as a result of the plaque, may lead to a coronary heart attack.

There is a way that you will be able to prevent this, or slow down the build up and formation of plaque, by balancing or eliminating the intake of these harmful hard fats. So this requires cutting down on the hard fats that you eat, and replacing them with the soft fats. You will eventually feel a lot healthier and fitter, and also lose weight at the same time.


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