Why Your Established Offline Business Needs A Blog – Start In 5 Minutes Or Less

If you’re not blogging for your established offline business yet, then you should be. By now, you most likely have a corporate website describing your company on a static site, that no one cares about or visits. It’s there because you feel you need a web presence, but other than that, it just sits there collecting digital dust. Many business owners and executives still simply dismiss blogging as its description still sounds like a web diary operated by college kids from their laptops. What they are missing is an additional potential revenue generating opportunity. After all, your business thrives and exists on selling stuff right? Then why miss out?

Blogs now are much more than just a simple weblog of daily events. What they actually are, are excellent content management systems that act as a front for your entire business, club or association. Free blogging software allows you to post your content, news, company and or trade events instantly to the Internet, via the blog, daily and in minutes. You can then harness the magnetic power of social networking, connecting with Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, StumbleUpon etc., to draw immediate internet traffic to you. Did you know major companies like Dell now use Twitter as their main marketing tool for product information and releases?

The Top 7 Reasons Why Your Established Company Needs To Blog

1. Publishing and regularly updating a corporate blog helps you in keeping in touch with your new or existing customers. You can instantly publish updates, company news, prices or general business thoughts on your blog, as well as answer questions.

2. A company blog can help you to attract new customers worldwide. The blog entries that you publish will become food for the search engines for your industry, and will naturally attract new visitors. If your updated blog answers the visitors questions, or peaks their interest, you have just found another new qualified customer.

3. Blogs with RSS feeds always rank higher in search engines such as Google, than traditional static web sites. Search engines just love blogs. If you design and set up your blog properly, then every time you decide to update it, you instantly create a search engine feeding frenzy. Even if you don’t ‘ping’ (notify the search engines) that you have made a new post, most of them will naturally visit your blog anyways. The search engines and their friends love the algorithm of a blog that allows for the spidering.

4. Your blog will help you establish or build a reputation in a particular field. As your blog starts to grow, you’ll demonstrate your knowledge and as an authority in your particular field of business.

5. Blogs can potentially become excellent revenue streams for your company. You can decide to add pay-per-click ads, affiliate ads, or even sell ad space on your blog.


6. Blogs are the premier way to generate targeted leads for your business. Even if you decide not to put any advertising on it, you can decide to use it to strictly capture leads for your own business, by collecting email addresses. These leads from your blog means that they are interested in your topic, product or service and predisposed to your individual blog message.

7. Creating a corporate blog is the quickest way to establish a presence on the net. It is also the most affordable way to get started as well. If you already have a website and a hosting service, then installing a WordPress blog takes 5 minutes.

There are a lot of advantages to starting your own company blog. The blog will give you instant presence on the web, and you can start immediately. You can decide to upkeep it daily or weekly, and you will be noticed.

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