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You have probably heard numerous times by now that a well machined blog can drive hordes of traffic and cash to your website. The majority of blogs however fail because their owners just begin poorly, and then continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. And by the time they realize what the hecks gone wrong, they would probably be better off restarting from scratch! Again.

Virtually everyone these days, including their grandma, dog and goldfish has their own blog. But there are unfortunately just a handful of ‘success stories’ regarding bloggers out there. These are rare, the ones that can actually make a living from just their blogging exploits. I’m sure that you’ve heard of a few serious, hardcore prime time bloggers out there making huge amounts of money just from blogging. But from the 3 blogs that are created online every 2 seconds, there is just terrifying amounts of false information regarding proper blogging.

Blogging is about one thing, and one thing only… When you get down to it, when you boil it down to its square roots, the real successful bloggers have found a specific niche product, a loyal audience and because of that, they carved themselves a nice living out of it. But countless others, as in millions of well to do bloggers, are simply spinning their wheels in ‘pretend’ mode. They have all seen the income these master authority bloggers are earning, and are trying to do the same. But the majority of them fail miserably because they do not start with the basics which is a strong solid foundation.

Most of these so called ‘gurus’ will tell you when you start a blog, not to worry about anything except content. Content is king, they will tell you. Concentrate only on genuine original handwritten unique content, because that is the only thing that matters. Well that is just not true.

Yes, while original content is important, if you do not setup and connect your blog properly online, the content that you provide on your blog won’t mean jack squat.

So if you want to start a blog, then you want to set it it up properly. Here is a plan that will get you and your blog off to a good start. You will discover the best linking methods for your blog, the best bookmarking sites to list your blog, how to properly setup and tweak your blog, the best blogging platform to use and how to properly choose the right keywords and much more.


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