Win A Poker Seat At The World Series Main Event In Vegas – Enter And Play For Free

Over the past few years, the popularity of Texas holdem poker has exploded in popularity as evidenced by the crowded casino poker rooms, the numerous online poker sites, various professional poker tournaments, and the ultra popular Superbowl of poker tournaments, The Annual World Series Of Poker.

The immense popularity of Holdem Poker is due partly due to its seemingly simple basic rules. But as they say, there-in lies the paradox. On the surface, poker has very simplistic rules, but in actuality, poker is a complex battle of wits that combines: bluffing, guessing probabilities, science, discipline, money management and precise calculated risk taking.

Long gone are the days of yonder when poker was played strictly in smoky back rooms by a handful of off level shady players packing pistols all looking to make a quick buck. Today, it has hit mainstream popularity as you can’t turn on your television without seeing coverage of some type of professional poker tournament. The general public and thus media has jumped all over the poker band wagon craze.

Poker, particularly Texas Holdem, is now broadcast on major TV networks such as ESPN, CBS, Bravo, and The Travel Channel. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) in particular is amongst the networks highest rated and most viewed events.

There are now world wide, multi championship poker tournaments hosting various countries, as well as tourneys featuring well known poker professionals and celebrities all vying to earn millions in available prizes. The constant media coverage has turned many of these pro poker player into mainstream celebrities in their own right.

Poker as a spectator sport hit the big time with the introduction of the ‘hole camera’. The ‘hole camera’ is a small camera lens built into every player’s seat, allowing the TV viewer to see what cards each player gets and shows exactly how they play them. You can now see that particular hand unfold and learn ‘hands on’ by watching how the players play their hand. The hosts and commentators of the show will often explain what and why the players make certain plays, all based on what the other player bets and how they play their cards. You can learn ‘On The Fly’ and pick up a lot of poker tips by just watching these professionals play.


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