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Sales leads are the crucial backbone and pivotal necessity for any business or industrial activity to survive. Effective lead generation is the vital lifeline to add continuum which adds further growth to your business organization. Lead Dogs is a full (b2b) service firm which specializes in helping companies like yours, regardless of size or industry, to generate, manage and then nurture and exploit the full potential of your business sales leads.

The primary purpose of generating quality sales leads is the conversion factor. You want to quickly and effectively funnel your potential suspects, into prospects, then turn these prospects into sales. That is why the best option is to outsource the sales lead generation process to experts such as Lead Dog. Mike Wallen, the founder of Lead Dogs… recalls seeing an ad that read, “If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes”, thus the company name, LeadDogs.com was born.

LeadDogs Extensive And Impressive Clients List
The LeadDogs business-to-business service organization’s primary purpose is to help companies generate and convert sales leads. LeadDogs experience is focused but not solely based on industries such as: telecommunications, business and enterprise software, networking applications and industrial products as listed by their impressive clients list below.

* Adobe
* Adonix
* BindView
* BMC Software
* Clarify
* Compaq
* e.Piphany
* Fuegotech
* IKOS Systems
* Intervoice-Brite

* Lodestar
* Microsoft Business Solutions
* NetGenesis
* Orbitz
* RiverSoft
* Satmetrix
* Secure Computing
* Shell
* Solomon
* Trivoli
* Vitria

LeadDogs.com has extensive testimonials and case studies on how they helped these companies drive new revenue opportunities and increased sales.


Some Of The Services LeadDog Offers
– Generation of new sales leads
– Management and qualification of incoming sales leads and inquiries
– Nurturing of sales leads not ready to buy
– Experienced in developing large key accounts

Lead Dogs has built the reputation and expertise to help you discover, exploit and take full advantage of untapped sales opportunities. They can assist in helping you generate sales leads, manage these leads, and then nurture and close the sale.

More Specifically:
* Qualify incoming inquiries from controlled marketing campaigns such as: Trade Shows, Direct Mail Campaigns, Sales and Marketing Events, Website Marketing, etc., and identify those that are sales-ready
* Effectively work and farm these marketing responses by nurturing the prospects for future revenue opportunities, these are the leads that are not quite ready to convert today
* Filling the ‘Sales Pipeline’ with qualified leads
* Penetrating and exploiting client accounts to uncover further qualified income opportunity areas in key market segments

Give one of the Lead Dogs representatives a call at 1-800-710-2926, send them an email or use their “Contact Us” form on the website.

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