WizeTradePro – Stock Trend Analysis Software and Training Program

The WizeTrade software is a trading program that provides training advice on making money from the stock market. The WizeTrade system provides information on selected stocks they are tracking and alerts you whether you should buy or sell the stock which is displayed by a red light for sell or a green light indicating a buy.

George Thompson and GlobalTec Solutions, developers of the popular WiseTrade software, makes it easy for beginners as well as professionals alike to make money trading stocks online. The Wize software reviews and analyzes volatile stocks and mutual funds for you, so you don’t have to rely on opinions and hearsay regarding making a decision on a trade.

The WiseTrade Indicator Software works for any and all stocks in any price
range. It’s proprietary stock prediction system has the ability to: track a number of stocks simultaneously, locate hot moving active stocks, the ability to analyze and execute stock projections, report the buy/sell points for stocks as well as providomg online support and tutoring.

Wizetrade is the most recognized stock trend analysis software and training program available today. Wizetrade is marketed exclusively through live sales events throughout North America. Smart Investors who uses the program have found the Wizetrade trading system to be their secret to better trading.

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