WordTracker Is The Keyword Tool Successful SEO’s Don’t Want You To Know – A Free Trial Offer

Wordtracker is the Number 1 tool which selects effective but targeted keywords for your website. Using the exact proper keywords is the vital juice for any search engine website owners campaign. It can dictate and pinpoint if your website effort is a winner or a loser. Finding and mining these keywords that’s going to be effective and attracts the exact visitors to your site is the magic that Wordtracker performs. Wordtracker produces the keywords that puts you in the exact mind frame of your potential customers who wants to visit your site.

So how exactly… do you find which search query keywords your visitors will use to search for and find your products or services?

Well, you can always just ask your visitor directly. Another way is to look at the web statistics on your website, but this only tells you the keyword phrases used by the visitors who has already found your website. It will tell you absolutely nothing about the millions of potential visitors who would of qualified to visit your site, but gave up on finding it, and went to your competitors. This is where Wordtracker steps in.

Wordtracker is, and always has been the premier keyword tool that makes it possible to identify and analyze the most effective keyword strings for your own particular niche, while simultaneously giving you new product ideas as well as instant search engine optimization leverage or the most targeted PPC advertising results.

The Wordtracker keyword research tool has over 340 million keywords stored in its database, which also includes misspelled keywords and long tail phrases. There are just 3 steps you need to perform to allow you to complete the process and uncover these keywords, taking less than 4 minutes without no guesswork involved. You know these are the exact keywords your potential visitors are using to find your site.

Wordtracker also allows you to research particular keywords while digging to deeper levels by using the KEI ( Keyword Efficiency Index) gauge. The KEI range is between 0 to 400+ for effectiveness and classified on poor keywords, good keywords and excellent keywords.


Using Other Free Keyword Search Tools Are Not As Effective as Using Wordtracker
The one science and the biggest question of effective SEO is, how do you find the most effective keywords that will get you free traffic from the search engines. Many experts will continuously recommend you using just one keyword or a keyword string phrase per page, while others will recommend you using secondary keywords along with your main keyword.

But the philosophy is quite simple, you can use both, as either method seems to work. The secret is however, it’s not the method you use. Anything that you try will be completely unless if you don’t target the correct keywords that work. To find these keywords, you may choose to use the myriad of free keyword tools out there, such as say… GoodKeywords.com.

If you want to take your keyword research to a higher level, or even find a completely new niche with none or very little competition, that’s exactly where these free keyword research tools fails. They do not supply enough data, they do not dig deep enough for you to analyze and find out if these keywords are actually worth while to use or how competitive they are.

This Is Where Wordtracker Comes Into Play

Wordtracker is the undisputed number one keyword research tool that is available online. It has been for a lot of years and will be for some time to come. There are those who consistently generate five figure incomes per month on their affiliate marketing efforts, and all will tell you it’s the keywords. And most will tell you these keywords are found using Wordtracker. It is their sole number one resource and secret.

Try Wordtracker For Free
Wordtracker’s statistics are derived from meta-search engines only. What Wordtracker does is it compiles and updates a massive database of keyword strings and phrases which the online users actually use to do their searches. Wordtracker also compiles how often these specific keywords and phrases are searched for and used, along with the number of websites these specific keywords and phrases compete or appear on.

Another useful Wordtracker feature is it offers a related keywords feature. SEO marketers at times are not always familiar with the variety of niches and industries out there, so Wordtracker will uncover related keyword phrases that most may never have even considered to be useful or valuable. Some of Wordtracker’s other unique features include: it details, in an very user-friendly format, the number of exact searchers there are conducted per keyword, per day. Also the keywords and phrase which compete with them and the KEI (keyword effectivity index).

Perhaps the best Wordtracker feature is its ability to know the difference between search terms that include word ordering, capitalization and plurality. As search engines advance, they deliver results based on some of these factors, so it gets easier to get unique and accurate word phrase data from Wordtracker, as these multiple search phrases are not combined together.

Wordtracker results is the tool of choice and the ‘Best Kept Secret’ for keyword selection. It is the successful SEO’s greatest tool in their toolbox, and some would like to keep it a secret. So if you are serious about internet marketing, use the premier tool only for keyword research.

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