Xomba.com Pays You For Your Reviews, Opinions, Poems And Blog Posts

Xomba is an online web 2.0 social networking community for anyone who wants to discuss ideas, opinions and make new friends online. It is an interactive shared community where you can: write opinions and views, review products or services, write and post articles, blog and oh yeah…. get paid for it. Xomba allows you to write and publish on any topic that you want.

Xomba accepts content such as articles, blog posts, poems, short stories, reviews and any other type of written content. Once you’ve submitted content for Xomba, which is called a Xombyte, it will make money for you based on its popularity of topic and and the Adsense clicks from the Xomba page.

Xomba’s goal is to provide an interactive enjoyable community allowing you to share and interact with other writers, as well as easily find and read useful information submitted by your peers while earning cash. The only requirement is you must have an Adsense account as Xomba does not pay you directly for your participation, but by a revenue sharing program they run on their pages. And no… it does not violate Google Adsense’s Terms Of Service/Usage.

Find out more at Xomba’s Getting Started Page and Register:

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