Yes Proof You ‘Can Run Your Car On Water’ For $150 Or Less

Once upon a time, running your gas or diesel powered car or truck to run on a combination of gas and water was a huge myth. Well not anymore. We have been bombarded and conditioned to spending massive amounts of money to fuel our gas powered vehicles, so much so, that we are lead to believe that the gas combustion engines running on water would be impossible.

However, this “Run Your Car On Water” technology is not actually that new, think the steam engine. This method of energy was discovered back in the early 1900s, based on the theory that Hydrogen, which is contained in water, could produce enough intense energy upon combustion to run an engine. Obviously the large oil and gas companies throughout the world never wanted this news to gain any publicity. As a result, this perfectly refined method of energy generation was subsequently suppressed. But recently, running your car on water has picked up steam due to word of mouth and the power of the internet.

The greatest obvious benefit of running your car on water is that you can instantly save thousands of dollars on fuel consumption that you spend yearly on energy products such as, Gas and Diesel. Once you know and learn the exact system and modifications that are required on your gas powered automobile to “Run Car on Water”, you really can then save money, run your car cleaner and help save the environment.

So You Are Wondering.. How Does Water Exactly Work As A Fuel Source?
Well, back in our Science class in high school, we learned that water is a combination of two gases, H2O or hydrogen and oxygen. Now to be able to run an engine, you need to use the combination of both of these gases, but in different doses. To get a little technical, you are required that these two gases are separated by a cell… Then by injecting in the Hydrogen from the water within the gas, you then are able to produce the energy which is sufficient enough to run a vehicle. The easy conversion kit/guide shows you how to use the power from your vehicles battery to separate the water into a gas called HHO (Hydrogen Hydrogen Oxygen). HHO, is also known as Hydroxy or Brown’s Gas. This mixture burns smoothly and actually provides enough energy, while the end product is still H2O! Its important to note that you’re not entirely powering your auto with just water, but you are implementing what is known as the hybrid system.

So How Does The Hybrid System Work?

And How You Can Create Your Own Hybrid For Less Than $150!

Yes, you really can convert your vehicle into a water burning car. You can actually run your car on water, as a supplemental to gas, and increase your car’s efficiency while reducing your fuel costs significantly.


– This works on all gas and diesel powered cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.
– Your car will become 30 to 40% more fuel efficient while producing cleaner emissions
– You can convert your car for around $150… Avoid paying any higher!
– It can work with just plain tap water. Distilled water or special water additives are not needed

The steps to run your car on water has been simplified. The method of conversion is easy, and the required materials are affordable.

There has been thousands of cars that has been converted to run on water without any problems or incidents at these affordable prices. You can even easily remove the kit allowing your car to run on pure fuel at any time.

cMon… Can Water Really Power My Car?
YES, ABSOLUTELY, Yes! The technology is available using a few cheap parts to build a water-burning hybrid engine.

The water is used to fuel your car when used as a supplement to gas. And very little water is required! About one quart of water can provide over 1800 gallons of HHO gas which lasts for months. It will significantly increase fuel efficiently, improve emissions while saving you money.

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Run Your Car On Water

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