Yes There Is A ‘Science Of Getting Rich’ – Begin By Creating And Not Competing

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This is based on the best selling book that was written way back in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles. The classic book, “The Science of Getting Rich”, is now in the public domain, and is an absolute essential read for anyone who wants to become successful and wealthy. The book was also the inspiration for the recent film, “The Secret”.

One of the main messages that Dr. Wattles states in the book is in Chapter 5: that you have to get rid of competition in your life and instead replace it with creation.
What?, well please read on…

In order for you to get what you want in life, you do not and should not have to cheat, lie or take advantage of others, because it is not about competing for your space in a finite universe, but rather to create your own space in an infinite universe. Competition is limited and cannot be expanded, while creation has no limit. He urges that you be e creator, and not a competitor.

Dr Wattles goes on to state that:
You as a living substance in this universe is permeated with the need and desire to live, and thus wants to continually improve by creating new things to meet its need to grow, and expand. This substance will express itself through you, and it wants you to have everything that you desire.

Huh? Wut?

Translated it means:
You are an individual breathing being in this universe. The universe is infinite and has the ability to create and expand when you ask for it. So if you want something, the infinite universe will accommodate that need. Once you create, you are asking for and reaching out to get what you want. If you compete, you are reaching inwards to get something from what is already created.


This is summed-up in the book “The Science of Getting Rich”:

“It is the desire of God that you should get rich. He wants you to get rich because he can express himself better through you, if you have plenty of things to use in giving him expression. He can live more in you if you have unlimited command of the means of life.”

The scarcity or competition mentality states that because the supply is limited, in order to get more, someone else must then have less. Thus creating a zero sum scenario. An abundance or creation mentality states there’s more than enough for everyone to share, so once you get everything what you want, everyone else affected will also get more.

Dr. Wattles does however acknowledge that there are individuals who get rich by competing, but he states that “riches that are secured on a competitive basis are never satisfactory nor they are permanent.” That’s why, say in some financial markets, which is a ‘zero-sum game’, you hear of overnight riches, then they are broke the following week, as the field is finite. If you think you must compete for everything that you what, then you are thinking from a mentality that’s based on limitation and struggle.

    We’ve all heard…

“Give A Man A Fish, And You Will Feed Him For The Day. – (Competition)
Teach A Man To Fish, And You Will Feed Him For Life”. – (Creation)

Creation vs Competition
When living a life that’s based on competition, all you are doing is knocking, kicking and spitting and getting knocked down yourself from the ‘ladder of life’. This happens when you and all other competitors line up and attempt to climb to the top. But for those who chose to create, climbing up that same ladder is in an organized single file, that’s guaranteed to get you to the top.

For those who know this secret of doing things in “a certain way”, know that the pie is absolutely limitless. So instead of trying to grab a bigger piece of that pie, you should instead be looking for ways to make that pie bigger, so that there is enough for everyone.

For you to change your thinking by doing things “in a certain way”, what you need to do is climb out of the ‘common denominator,’ which is the competitive thought. If you are thinking that in order for you to survive, you have to fight every inch for what you want, that you must hurry up and push hard before someone else gets there first, then you lose the absolute power to create. So drop your ego.

So relax, and begin creating instead of competing. Since you have now decided to create, you are reaching into what you want from the infinite substance, a substance that has no limit. If you do things in “a certain way”, you’ll get everything that you want.


“The Science of Getting Rich” and “The Secret” is not religion but a way of thinking. It is a business book and not a bible. What it does is it teaches you that you can have anything and everything that you want, and you have the unlimited command and ability to get it. This by reaching outward and not inwards.

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