You Can Earn Money Online As A Freelance Writer From Home

Getting Your Freelance Design Writing Chops In Motion

So you have imagination and you can put thoughts into a string of words to persuade, capture and move the reader. Your freelance design methods equated to a concise writing style that captivates the reader from the first word to the last and then force them to take action. So is this you? So you know you can think you can write? Well prove it, show your skill and you can get paid for it as many freelance writers are doing right now. Freelance writing copy for others is a profession that many scribes are now making a very good living at.

The core essence of freelance copywriting is about persuasion. Persuading your readers and turning them into prospects, buyers, sellers or devotees to your cause. You grab their attention with eye catching copy and force them to read your entire message, article, press release or sad sob story. You persuade them into accepting your point of view by making them believe that your product or service or cause can really make a difference and thus deliver the benefits as promised. That means persuading the reader to take ACTION.

To step it up a notch, a great copywriter who writes compelling freelance, designs and masters the art of subtly creating desire, the hunger, the want for a product or benefit when your prospective reader has already predetermined they do NOT want that product before reading.

So how do you go about acquiring these skills? To begin with, you have to change your focus. Instead of buying books or taking courses or attending “Learn How To Write” seminars, study and understand the “beginning to end” Sales process. Selling, as in the process of a buyer buying something and the motivation on why he did so.

Freelance design consists of writing around anticipated objections by stamping out the little “fires”, by applying your writing skill to subconsciously defuse them before the reader realizes they exist. Learn to add value, on a practical economical and emotional level that the product or service can add “value” to people‚Äôs lives. Practice minimizing and sidestepping the desired main objective and focus on the anticipated objectives.


Copywriting is not an instant get rich quick at home in your spandex while on the treadmill type of process. It can take years of hard work, numerous spell and grammar checks to become an effective, great copywriter.

First: You have to learn the ropes, walk the walk, talk the talk, write the write.
Second: You have to learn to sell yourself and your writing chops to a prospective client.
Third: Write copy to the style that your client wants. Apply what you have learned in the real world and convert it into the language and emotion that your client dictates.

This takes research. Read, review, investigate your prospect whom you are writing for. Read their literature and convert their style of dictation and then write copy for them, in their style. Freelance design and tailor the copy.

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