9 Rarely Known Uses For Vinegar In Your Daily Life

6. Helps In Weight Loss

Vinegar can help you lose weight, as what it has is an anti-obesity effect, this by increasing satiety while also reducing the total amount of food that’s consumed. For instance, those who consumed 2 tablespoons of red raspberry vinegar on a daily basis for a period of four weeks, all lost weight, compared to those who consumed cranberry juice.

5. Keeps The Pests Away

If you happen to have rabbits invading your vegetable garden, then what vinegar can do is help you create a safe and natural repellent. Begin by soaking cotton balls in vinegar, then insert them in film containers with small punctured holes, and then place them in your garden. Vinegar is also known to repel ants, this by spraying it on the fence, which discourages them from crossing.

4. Helps Create Better Soil

Any seasoned gardener will tell you, that most flowers will thrive in an acidic soil environment. So if you’re wanting to grow azaleas or similar plants in your backyard garden, you can help create the perfect conditions by using vinegar. Add 2 tablespoons for each 250 milliliters of water when watering the flowers. Undiluted vinegar is also known to destroy weeds, without affecting the immediate environment.