9 Ways To Overcome Procrastination To Reach Your Goals

What many think is they’re capable of reaching their peak, the upper ceiling of their potential but won’t bother to do the work. They put in the schooling and get the direction, invest in the belief they’ll reach their goals, becoming unbreakable.

They believe their positive attitude becomes immune and infectious, activated and energized to take on any challenge. That is, until the shine, the lustre of hope begins to wear off and reality sets in.

They realize they need to start, to put in the effort, the agony of …

How The Universal Money Vibe Can Bring You Wealth

Once we’re exposed to money as children, the power it possesses, what we all crave for is having more of it. We want more tips in our restaurant job, we seek out insider stock advice, we attempt to close that big sale, all in our quest to generate more cash for ourselves. The hunt is on and it becomes relentless.

But talking openly about money however, especially how much we have or make, remains taboo.

A subject many don’t feel comfortable discussing, like it’s a sacred topic. It’s thought it’s …

Come Here If You Want More Magic In Your Unfulfilled Life

We can all lead a more magical mystical path if we want to, as there’s constant reminders of who we are at this exact moment. Whatever it is we’re capable of doing in essence at this very instance in time we can. Never forgot you have magical powers dormant inside you.

Magic, its essence, once you discover and believe has is extraordinary power weaving in its path.

The power of influence seemingly from a source which is considered supernatural, mystical. The true definition of magic itself remains difficult to explain. …

The Personality Traits Needed To Become Successful In Life

Every individual born into this world is genetically programmed to succeed. We all have great potential in some way. Brilliant ideas, unfulfilled goals, grandiose dreams. We all have books within us yet unwritten, successful businesses yet started. A potential soulmate is waiting for us somewhere.

Realize your mind, your skills and talents isn’t a limited natural resource. So never deny yourself of your dreams. It’s your responsibility during your life to reach your destiny. Hopefully sooner than later.

First look at those closest to you right now. Your friends, family, …

The 7 Phases Of Human Soul Development In The Circle Of Life

This isn’t based on how old you are in human years, when or where you were born, or if you are the oldest sibling. It’s more about what stage your universal soul is currently at. A measurement, a final destination where we all want to reach is being an old soul, which is a level of transcendence.

This follows the same basic life stage any organism would go through during its lifespan. An organism which begins life as an infant.

What it does is progresses itself through the various stages …