Ways On How To Positively Deal With Your Negative Emotions

Realize what we have is a “negative” default switch in our brains, which prepares us for the worst, when it comes to unknown situations. This can include stress, guilt, anger, resentment, the list of negatives are endless. Another thing for certain, is what we think of the most usually becomes true.

So the most persistent question remains how to rid of these negative emotions, once they show up and take over our minds.

What some experts recommend is to just welcome these unfavourable thoughts, as they might be attempting to …

The Need To Live Your Life With Gratitude And Compassion

It’s all about gaining the perspective of practising gratitude, which is a proven pathway to inner peace. What this conforms to is the Universal Law of Increase, which means whatever you decide to focus your energy on, has no other choice than to add increase in your life, all which begins with gratitude.

Like most, you’re someone who gets up in the morning, determined and ready to have a great day.

Then before you know it, without any reason at all, you find yourself becoming overwhelmed and stressed out. You …

Effective Ways To Deal With Stress Once Facing Pressure

Once we’re stressed out, our sense goes off balance. Our thoughts become hijacked, as it begins to race, as it begins to rapidly think random thoughts, usually negative ones. The heart begins to pound, the breathing becomes shallow, sweat forms on the brow, as the muscles tighten.

What many will do is relieve this stress is by overeating, drinking too much, or indulge in severely harmful bad habits.

Some will drive themselves so hard, their life begins to tilt, which leads to an unhealthy unbalanced life. This becomes reality for …

Why You Feel Uncomfortable When Trying Something New

Everything is in perpetual motion, from when were sleeping to the moment we wake up, the world is constantly changing, evolving forward, the clock is ticking onward. What’s more important is we’re also evolving as humans, hopefully for the better.

What we feel is the culmination of these changes. Some good, while the majority aren’t that great and becomes uncomfortable.

What change involves is a drastic shift in emotions, and not all of them are always good while in transition.

Once we set forth to achieve our goals, doing so …

Why Being Passive Aggressive Is A Poor Personality Trait

Those who are passive aggressive usually has an ulterior motive, and can’t always be trusted. They cast doubt, they have a certain disposition about them because of their unpredictability. A deliberate aura of uncertainty, rather than being transparent.

They can appear somewhat aloof, uncertain of themselves, be frustrating to deal or talk with once confronting them. They’re constantly defensive, when faced with controversy.

What they do, most often on purpose, is slyly manipulate others, with acts of discreet yet deliberate indirect behaviour.

They do so rather than being direct and …