How Technology Is Making Us A Society Of Social Introverts

Whenever you take a stroll around any busy city street, what you’ll immediately notice is everyone is in their own cocoon. Everybody has their head slumped, buried in their smartphones, or have noise reducing, high decibel headphones plugged into their ears.

Regardless if people are walking around, running, working out, they’re now completely immune to the outside world. Completely absent from what’s happening around them.

They’re not listening or paying attention to the actual sights and sounds of their immediate environment.

In fact, you’re most likely wearing earbuds right now, …

How To Capture The Sensation Of Always Being In The Flow

There are those cherished moments in our lives when time appears to stand still, and everything just flows. These are the moments where there’s no resistance, where there’s no struggle or fight, no need to force things to happen. It’s almost like a greater force holds a magic wand and clears a path.

The feeling life is being ironed out in our favour, as all difficulties are dissolving or shifting, as everything begins to go our way. What some are keenly aware of is this flow state.

For writers, it …

How To Respond To Those Who Don’t Like You Very Much

Liking and being liked can be a two way street. For most, there’s mutual like and respect for one other. There’s chemistry where like minded people can become friends. But what if someone doesn’t like you, such as a relative. Does that concern you, do you even care. It comes down to how you react.

You put your personality out there on a daily basis, reach out to others and display your character, but nothing. Some just don’t want anything to do with you.

They don’t want to be your …

How To Use The Power Of The Body To Strengthen Your Mind

It’s been known for thousands of years that physical disciplines such as Tai-Chi and yoga, have proven to increase our mental and spiritual powers. So how can we apply these same practices to enhance our modern day lives as parents, business professionals, athletes, or artists.

What we first need is to remove that certain mysticism about these activities before adoption.

Not that they don’t have any esoteric aspects, but rather we need to approach them on a more realistic level and a clearer mind.

It’s been said the taller the …

Our Purpose Of Existence Applied To The Business World

What’s the meaning of our existence, what does our life on this lonely planet mean. Is there a purpose for we being alive at this precise moment in history. It’s known some feel their life is meaningless, insignificant. There are thoughts this endless cycle of birth, survival, demise, is pointless.

We wake every day just to survive, tend our duty, earn money to feed another day. We raise our kids so they can grow up and do the same, this to infinitude.

What’s the purpose, the meaning behind all this, …

How To Build Your Self-Esteem Since You’re Not That Great

What most nurturing parents will do is tell their child how great they are. That they’re unique, special one of a kind, they’re an outstanding human. Then they’ll gloat that little Jimmy is so athletic, or he could count to 100, or Anna is so cute, to everyone who’ll listen.

Then we actually begin to believe and become proud of ourselves, that we are truly special people.

As we then go through the passage of school, begin to grow a mind of our own with opinions, we gasp. Hey wait …