Taking The Steps Which Will Propel You To Move Forward In Life

takingthenextstepWhat everyone wants is to improve their life some how, yet rarely try, and will then complain that they can’t reach their goals. What we need is to break free from this procrastination, this by taking affirmative action since there’s no one else who can help us.

This is by getting over the fear of humiliation, embarrassment, or thinking that you’re fine. It extends to becoming realistic about what it takes, by finding support, avoiding information overload, while becoming an authority in your particular marketplace.

What we all want is to graduate, but we know the difficulty doing so. All we want is to heal ourselves, to begin something new, or find our soul purpose. As long as we’re alive, this process of determination dictates our lives.

Everyone living has a “next step” that they need to take right now, yet everyone has trouble doing so. What we do instead is spend our time justifying, finding reasons for not moving forward.

Stuck In Second Gear
Being stuck is extremely painful. The desperation of having to improve our lives, to change a habit which comes our soul calling. But when you don’t do anything about it, you’re blocking its very expression.

That’s when frustration sets in over time, this because of the dysfunctional patterns of self-sabotage, which just merely represents the surface wounds.

Getting Over The Fear Of Feeling Humiliated
Most feel the puppet strings of being controlled by the fear of becoming humiliated. So how do you get over this paralyzing angst of being worried what others think or say. Begin by recognizing what your true focus of control within you is.

Looking outside of ourselves for approval is weak, as the external acceptance and love are the trappings of the ego. The fear of being judged or humiliated by conceited feedback, is based on blind pride.

The true commitment towards the journey of our souls brings deeper humility. Once we no longer rely on outside sources for affirmation, we become true. What close relationships does is it moves us towards honesty, as we identify with our true intentions.

The Reality We Live In
So what are you waiting for, when will you start fulfilling your dreams. Is it once all of your children are grown, or once you’re out of debt, or after you get a new job.

Are you dreaming of the life that you would love to live, only if you had the money or time. Realize you’re living in a fantasy world, as you’re expecting to reach your dreams without taking any type of action, the next step.

So instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity to arise, the question you need to ask yourself is, “What I am I going to do in the meantime?”

Making excuses to your soul with empty promises doesn’t work. You need to take the next step, begin taking action to bring your life into alignment with the guidance that you’ve been given, or else you’re living in a delusional world.

If you don’t take action, what you end up with is information overload, becoming overwhelmed and frustrated with procrastination, and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

To Avoid Information Overload
Information overload occurs when you ask for too much help from too many people or sources, but refuse to take action on the things that you’ve stuffed into your energy field.

When planning for change, it’s normal to gather information for the intent of moving forward. The trap lies in over analyzing the data, or waiting for more information, or some type of confirmation to appear before taking action.

Then this moves into analysis paralysis territory or information overload, where there’s too much data floating around in your mind. All this does is just triggers your fears and anxieties when you don’t take action. You have no idea where to begin.


This information overload also indicates that you’ve given your energy away to others, this instead of taking full responsibility of your life. This is not a happy place to be at.

To avoid this, go back to the initial goal or step that you intended to take. Once the fear arises in response to taking that step, then deal with it and overcome it. Once it’s completed, then take the next step.

Becoming An Authority
What authority figures live in is a shroud of mystery. They appear to know more, and don’t really mix or fit in with the masses, or participate in the affairs of the commonalities of the world.

But the world is changing, as the level of consciousness on the planet is catching up towards better unprecedented growth and change. Spiritually awakened beings are now called to participate in this worldwide shift.

To answer the call, tap into the inner guidance that’s stirring. Every change that you’re wanting to see in society, begins with you and the field of consciousness that you’re creating.

It’s your choice to force the change that you want to see in the world, and then change it through the power of your evolving soul. In a world that’s crying for healing, there’s no greater service that you can provide.

Support Your Growth
What successful personal growth depends on is being able to find where your learning needs to be refined, while supporting it with appropriate feedback and correction, this when you need a compassionate ear or a new skill.

Listen to your needs and then find the support to ensure your success. Collectively combine and then identify where the progress is stagnant in that area of your life, while helping yourself break free so you can live more effectively.

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