My daily blog, a message, no not perfect, but that’s not the intention. As editing for picture perfect grammar or prose is a chore ignored.

What’s presented is the magic of 26. The 26 letters of the English alphabet. Presented are its rearrangement, the precise combination of words structured to create sentences which have meaning, a definition.

For everything ever written is a combination of these 26 letters. Placed in order to provide a passage, a lesson, to write a book. Letters created into words then become infinite, words will go on forever and never stop. This much like numbers are known to run into infinity.

But words will always offer more meaning, substance, than what a string of numbers and the forensic mathematical dissection will ever provide.

So please be patient, as these set of words are never perfect, the flow will often be disrupted, a comma missing, a word misused, grammar not always properly in its place. English is just too complex. But a blog of message it is.

If one or a thousand would read a single passage, learn, reflect or disgust, then my work is done. The purpose of a blog, this blog are words undefined to create literal passages of times gone past, or wrong, the expression and the hopes for the future, to relieve the frustration which keeps the wheels grounded.

A ritual of hope, renewed faith, a thunderous applaud with no absolute credit granted to the developer, or wished upon as that’s not the purpose and how it should be, as praise is never the objective.

So carry on, continue to refine define your own passage, pave your own road, dark or as brightly brilliant as the day shines.

This not the only work performed but rather a passage of time, my passage, engraved on this medium in the hopes to alter the state of whomever stumbles across this canvas etch. Enjoy your time here, just don’t copy it.

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