15 Ways To Improve Memory When Learning Something New

Is having a high IQ a prerequisite for having a good memory? The debate continues if there is a connection, or if improving memory is a learned response despite intelligence. Regardless, a transmission needs to occur, as the learning material needs to be absorbed by the brain to comprehend and store.

There are fortunately strategies to help anyone who needs to learn something, to develop a more efficient effective memory system.

These steps are by no means exhaustive, but rather meant as a starting point to begin and improve.


9 Ways On How To Naturally Relieve That Pounding Headache

One of the biggest violations of our livelihood is getting a headache. Everyone gets headaches from time to time for a variety of reasons, as the brain stresses or distorts.

It can be, and hopefully is just a minor annoyance, while it can become a skull crushing distraction, which can obviously lead to serious consequences.

Treatment to relieve these headaches can vary, depending on the type and degree of headache that’s experienced.

Most are just a minor nuisance, so there are some quick and natural feel better soon strategies, along …

How To Release That Emotional Clutter Occupying Your Mind

What we’ve all heard is life is a journey and not a destination. Yet, what most of us has is a short-term road map, a quick plan to get somewhere fast. We have a limited mental vision of where we want to go. Provided we have the means to get there, we bury our heads and ignore everything else.

Some have absolutely no idea where they’re going, they don’t appear to care, as their resource bank is empty, and they’re perfectly content with that.

All they want is adventure, allow …

Why Making Wishes Without Having Intention Becomes Futile

Once you want to do something, what’s first activated are dreams, wishing for things to happen, such as having instant buyers on your website, or having customers waiting at your storefront without doing any marketing. What wishes are is they’re future oriented, something to be hopeful for.

But realize wishing for something is weak willed. Something that has no backbone or momentum pushing it. Once you begin to wish for something to happen, it’s not a strong vision.

Wishes are more fairy tale which doesn’t have any substance, as they’re …

A Rarely Used Method Of Getting Anything You Want In Life

There’s an extremely powerful yet brilliant force which is shrouded in the unknown, and that’s the subconscious mind. Learning to use it more effectively allows the thinking process to become more defined, which offers new perspectives on comprehending better.

The entire thinking process is known to stem from the subconscious. What we do however, is become aware of what our answers are consciously.

Every change we experience takes place at the subconscious level first. Once we become more consciously aware of it, is when we’re effective.

There are approximately two …