Why Past Potential Will Outshine Future Performance

The biggest challenge for those looking for a marriage partner, or looking to hire long-term employees, is projecting and evaluating that individuals future potential. How can you predict on how they’ll act, look, respond, or perform, at some point down the road.

When hiring someone, does the job description involve determining how well they’ll fulfill the immediate task at hand, or how well they can exceed expectations.

It’s also a well known fact some post education institutions will select students for admittance, based on who they feel has the most …

The Truth About How People Lie To You And Get Away With It

There’s absolutely no doubt everyone lies on occasion, often for good intent. They can be little white fibs to outright criminal fraud of deception. Males as well as females will often lie to themselves, to one other, for a variety of different reasons and motives.

Women will generally lie to preserve or guard someone’s feelings, not always necessarily their own.

Men will just outright lie or exaggerate to impress others, usually to pad their ego or to pump their chest.

Just based on the subject matter alone, it may also …

The Four Motivational Triggers Which Will Help You Succeed

What makes us human as a species is we’re all completely unique from one other. We’re different in how we look as well as our various perspectives. We all have our own different skill sets, different strengths and weaknesses, goals, interests, and motivation.

If you’re wanting to become successful, there’s one identifiable component however, which every high octane individual will say is the key, and that’s motivation.

Motivation isn’t an easy thing for someone to acquire, which as a result has developed into an entire industry of how to get …

3 Proven Strategies For Building Personal Financial Wealth

We are all thrust into this thing called life, without a real road map on how to get financially independent. What we’re taught in school are the fundamentals of personal growth, and then set free into the wild life out there. The strings are cut and we are forced to survive.

Johnny, if you’re good in math, then you should become an engineer or accountant. Sally, you become a nurse because you have a strong aptitude caring for others.

What’s not taught is how to enjoy the good things life …

How Do You Know If You Have A Personality Disorder

The human psyche, instead of considering it to be a science project, should be thought more of an art form. There’s really no theory on anything that’s related to this behavior, from where we’re able to derive mental health phenomena, and then make falsifiable predictions.

Still, when it comes to personality disorders, it becomes a lot more easier to discern the usual common features.

What the majority of these personality disorders share, are a set of identifiable symptoms which are revealed by the founder. There are also distinct signs which …