Our Purpose Of Existence Applied To The Business World

What’s the meaning of our existence, what does our life on this lonely planet mean. Is there a purpose for we being alive at this precise moment in history. It’s known some feel their life is meaningless, insignificant. There are thoughts this endless cycle of birth, survival, demise, is pointless.

We wake every day just to survive, tend our duty, earn money to feed another day. We raise our kids so they can grow up and do the same, this to infinitude.

What’s the purpose, the meaning behind all this, …

How To Build Your Self-Esteem Since You’re Not That Great

What most nurturing parents will do is tell their child how great they are. That they’re unique, special one of a kind, they’re an outstanding human. Then they’ll gloat that little Jimmy is so athletic, or he could count to 100, or Anna is so cute, to everyone who’ll listen.

Then we actually begin to believe and become proud of ourselves, that we are truly special people.

As we then go through the passage of school, begin to grow a mind of our own with opinions, we gasp. Hey wait …

Why We Love The Internet And Its Evil Step Child Social Media

There was an anniversary of sorts that recently past, as Facebook was founded in 2004, which unofficially kicked off the social media era. Before that, the Internet, the World Wide Web, was a cold dark scary place. A database of information in digital format, where “spam” was no longer just a mystery meat.

Social media was when the Internet became user friendly, where it became a warm inviting place, and not just geeks trolling and hacking on message boards.

We continue to advance forward into uncharted territory, in regards to …

How To Deal With The Emotional Turmoil Of Getting Rejected

There’s nothing as emotionally painful as getting rejected, regardless of what form it happens to take. Not being liked, not being good enough to hang with the cool kids, not getting that job interview or promotion, not getting invited to a friend’s party, all stings.

Every no you get, every door you get slammed in your face, firmly plants you in your place.

The extent of the rejection impacts directly on the state of your welfare, who you are, while you struggle to find the best way to recover and …

A Clinical Method On How You Can Self Hypnotize Yourself

We’ve all attended the country fairs where a mystic with dark hypnotic eyes invites you, dares you, they can predict your future. For a fee, reveal what will happen to you in the future, place you under a hypnotic spell, without any interference. Is this even possible.

What experts claim is there’s approximately 30% percent of the population that can potentially be hypnotized.

The polar opposite, around 25% percent are considered extremely difficult, if not impossible to fall victim to falling under a spell of auto-suggestion.

The remainder of us …