Find A Way To Help Those Who Are Annoying In Your Life

What we all have are these attention seeking dramatic people in our lives. You know the ones who thrives and feeds on constantly creating petty chaos wherever they go, intentional or not. Once you recognize them, what you want is to steer clear away from their theatrics.

These individuals do so to garner attention back to themselves, once they begin feeling deprived, just to feed their low self esteem.

What they’re capable of is creating instant drama on demand in everything they do, or wherever they go.

They thrive on …

Today Is The Day You Can Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Did you know you can use the same mind altering techniques cults use, to get whatever you want in life. To get what you’re lacking. This concept originated over a century ago, by a body of work called. “As a man thinketh,” which sparked the current mind/life, the law of attraction movement.

The idea being the life you currently lead is a direct result of the thoughts, good or bad, which you’ve previously thought of. This also sounds reasonable.

What’s illustrated is how the thoughts you are thinking right now, …

How The Voices In Your Head Can Affect Your Mental Cognition

What our inner personal strength we have requires are defined approaches from various angles. This includes regulating our emotions, managing our thoughts, and behaving appropriately and productively. We need to do so despite the various external circumstances we’re facing.

Attempting to tame them can at times be a struggle. It’s our immediate thoughts which makes it difficult for us to be mentally strong.

As we go about our day, the tasks and the routines we need to do, it’s our internal self talk we hear first. This is a directive …

The Courage To Overcome Perfection When Facing Failure

Perfectionism is the setback when it comes to starting, building and marketing your business. It restricts you from moving forward, and taking advantage of new opportunities. What we’ll constantly do, is dream up unrealistic expectations, seek perfection, procrastinate then fail.

Striving for perfection is an emotional response, one that damages our self-esteem and pride, because of the fear of failure, thinking we’re not good enough.

Instead, choose to adopt an attitude of striving for excellence. Look at failure, as a notch in the learning process. Expect to make mistakes, to …

Why Those Who Are Insecure Seek To Gain More Attention

When first meeting someone new, you instantly get a sense in their presence, if they’re confident or suffer from insecurity. Those who are insecure, will attempt to show, prove, how important they are. They’ll exaggerate their grandiose, while making you feel inferior by putting you down.

They attempt to force you to look at yourself more critically, making you feel defeated when in their presence. You then wonder if you’re really a failure in life, like they perceive.

It’s often a relief to get away from their stuffiness, and move …