10 External Forces How The Environment Can Shorten Your Life

Our body can be reactive to a lot of issues such as behaviour, temperature, gravitation, medical and scientific forces. There’s extreme cold, heat, pressure, and other forces why the body physically reacts, which can be different for people in various situations.

There are some who can handle extreme cold wintry temperatures, while others can tolerate extreme heat. Physical pain which can be fatal for some but not others.

10. G-Force Acceleration

When there’s extreme G force vertically on the human body, things can go haywire, especially if the force level …

Take The Leap To Tap Into Your Higher Self For Inner Wisdom

All we see lately is pain in the world around us. What we see are unforgivable events we want to heal or alter somehow. What we want is to help those in despair, to make a contribution. The majority of these issues however, in the conspiracy ridden world we live in, appears futile.

Most of these are beyond our control, to influence or to change. But there is one thing we can change, and that’s our relationship with ourselves.

This by taking a look within, moving closer to the truth …

It’s Up To You If You Want To Live A Life Of Integrity

Having integrity is a difficult term to define let alone live, but once you experience it, you’ll know. Someone either has it or not. Most will associate those having integrity with having a strong steady moral compass, complying to disciplined consistent principles.

An individual who lives a life of honesty with themselves, and with every person they associate with.

Integrity is a psychological process, which matches ones outer persona with their inner beliefs, combining to create a wholesome consistent unified individual. What this results in is fitting into society.

Someone …

9 Ways To Inject Passion Back Into Your Relationship

There’s the first initial attraction where your heart flutters, as that person rocks your foundation. You blush with them once locking eyes with one another. It’s called falling in love, as there’s the congenial obsession and gushing over each other.

The endless romance, the touching, the uncountable promises, the brilliant dreams of a bright future together, which continues nonstop until the wee hours of the morning.

Then reality eventually sets in, as each begins to annoy the other, as the persistent nagging overcomes and can become suffocating.

The relationship becomes …

How The Power Of The Mind Can Heal Ailments In The Body

There’s a link once you direct your brain a certain way, which commands the way your body reacts and feels. Just as some are able to use their body to reduce psychological distress and turmoil, it’s also possible to use the power of the mind, to improve the health of the body.

It begins with changing the way of thinking, becoming more aware and taking charge of what occupies the mind.

This has proven to improve your physical health, along with mental well-being.

Although the power of positive thinking can’t …