Activating Your Energy Sources For Better Life Productivity

exercising in the officeWhat we all want is to squeeze out as much productivity as possible during the workday, this to be as efficient as possible while saving time. It’s found that doing so begins with oneself, the ability to manage our personal energy, this by monitoring our mental and physical capacity.

When it comes to mechanics, such as a car, how much gas it burns is dependent of its rate of speed and economy, this based on its efficiency of construction. The human body operates similarly, this by storing and expending energy.

A human’s capacity also depends on several other variables which are often intangible. There are four major sources of energy that the body can draw from, this when needing to get a certain task done.

For someone to be at their ultimate peak level of productivity, the energy is preferably drawn from all four of these energy sources, which are: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional energy. What needs to be refined is peaking these energy levels.

Coffee Provides Energy… Right?
Once you think of maximizing your energy which results in better productivity, you think of getting plenty of sleep, and if that fails, drink lots of coffee. Thinking that either should pump up your adrenaline, giving you more energy.

It goes beyond that however. If you’re tired, it goes further than getting enough rest or getting lots of java. The amount that you sleep, or how you choose to stay alert, are only related to your mental and physical energy stores.

Activating All Four Energy Sources
On a daily basis, what needs to be maximized and refueled are all four energy sources as often as possible, this to reach your potential, hitting on all cylinders.

Emotional energy involves keeping a positive mental outlook on your life by managing your state of mind. You need to force yourself to be in a constant state of calm and relaxation.

Despite the turmoil, with all the demands on your time, you need to keep your emotions in check, show resilience, remain patient, reserve your energy. If you begin your day angry or anxious, your emotional energy will be low.

Spiritual energy is developing a clear concise purpose in everything that you do. Mindful reasons why you’ve chosen to do what you do, reasons why you’ve decided to focus on this particular life work or task.

This spiritual energy becomes important when it comes to motivation while dedicating your actions. The reason why you get out of bed every morning, with hopes that it’s not because of fear, but instead because you’re working towards something meaningful.

Keeping Track Of Your Energy
It comes down to how effective you are managing these energy sources. How you’re able to track these energy dimensions at all times, not falling short in one area.

So set rituals and habits, such as exercising daily, meditation, or getting enough sleep to replenish all the energies. Reserve moments in your day so you can create positive emotional states of mind.

Make sure that you recharge the particular failing energy source, such as going for a run, eating a healthy lunch, yoga, or spending time with your friends or family.

To refill your spiritual energy, become mindful with yourself, this rather than always being focused externally, so instead, write down your life goals in a journal. Once you fulfill yourself, then things will fall into place, which energizes your daily life.

Planning Your Most Ideal “Energetic” Day
Spend your mornings doing work that’s cognitively demanding, which includes completing all your creative tasks. The afternoons should be reserved to do more administrative work, such as staff meetings or replying to your emails.

The entire day, including the evenings should be broken into different work segments, which maps to your natural intervals of focus. It’s found that working in blocks of time, such as in 90-to-120 minute periods, and then taking 15 minute breaks in between, is the most effective.


It’s also found that the lowest point of energy during the day is between 1 to 3 PM, this because your body temperature drops during this time, making you tired, so work around this time.

Use this time to take a walk, go for a workout, or take a power nap. Use the time to regenerate more energy, this so you’ll be more productive during the rest of the day and evening.

The Best Ways To Manage Your Energy
For companies to get the most production out of their workers, what needs to be considered are these four energy cycles, the ups and downs that every human experiences during the day.

A schedule which doesn’t allow having meetings, for instance, during the most productive hours of the morning, while working in blocks of 120 minutes, taking 15 minute breaks filled with exercise or eating.

There are a few innovative companies who are actually placing exercise balls, light weights, treadmills, and stationary bikes near by, this throughout the office for easy access.

What doing so does is it encourages the workers to use them during their breaks. Exercising, calling a friend, meditation, pets, or taking a short walk outdoors are all known to increase the four energy centers.

Effectively Managing Energy
There are new methods of stress-management techniques which are constantly being used, this in the attempts to increase the energy levels of their workers, while preventing burnout.

These techniques of human-capital management involves placing “markers” on their employees, which measures when they’re nearing low energy or exhaustion, and then managing them.

This includes how much sleep they get, what their anxiety levels are, what they eat, etc. Managing these markers however, involves the workers to volunteer this information to be tracked. What’s monitored are the individuals personal energy levels at all times.

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