Our Purpose Of Existence Applied To The Business World

What’s the meaning of our existence, what does our life on this lonely planet mean. Is there a purpose for we being alive at this precise moment in history. It’s known some feel their life is meaningless, insignificant. There are thoughts this endless cycle of birth, survival, demise, is pointless.

We wake every day just to survive, tend our duty, earn money to feed another day. We raise our kids so they can grow up and do the same, this to infinitude.

What’s the purpose, the meaning behind all this, …

The Constant Battle Of Struggle Between Money And Time

There’s an internal battle we face on a daily basis, which is our time and it’s clash with money. If we compress 30 years of our working lives into 3 years of time for instance, and accumulate how much we earn during that span, we would all be millionaires within a few years.

The slogan “time is money” is well known. It was first used decades ago to remind workers that the time not spent working, is wasted time not making money.

This has been adopted and refined in today’s …

How To Develop The Proper Mindset To Attract More Money

Why is it some can willingly attract money into their life. They’re constantly being rewarded, such as discovering that new business opportunity ahead of others. Then they capitalize by profiting. One of the bigger mysteries of mankind, is how to attract more money into your life.

What’s known is there are certain fundamental principles to attract more wealth. What it comes down to is developing a certain mindset, which acts as a money trap.

So to gain more green in your pocket, what it begins with is having the absolute …

How To Release The Creativity Lying Dormant Inside You

Believe we’re all born with outstanding creative energy that’s lying dormant, trapped and waiting for its release, yearning to become more inventive in our everyday lives. This in our livelihood, as we can use an infusion of creativity, new insights with an assortment of imagination.

You could then produce better more inspiring designs, improved promotional pieces, create awe inspiring videos that could elevate you to the next level.

All you need is to activate that built in dormant creative genius that’s waiting inside of you.

What’s known for certain is …

How The Forces Of Biology Attracts Us To The Money We Want

There are some who has the capability of knowing what others are thinking. If your state of awareness is strong enough, you can have a subconscious influence on those around you, as others can have on you. There are natural laws of the universe which dictates and controls these thoughts.

By the powers which are enforced in the relevance of how things abstractly form and operate in this world, certain substances are naturally attracted to one other, to the affinity of how things work.

The reverse of this resistance, is …