A Lesson In How To Prioritize Your Life In This Busy World

A professor of philosophy stood before his class, silently waiting as the last of his students filed in and found their seats. With a number of different items on the table in front of him, he waited patiently for the last bell. He then lifted a large empty glass beaker over his head for all to see.

Like a magician showing there was nothing up his sleeve, he panned the corners of the room then placed the beaker back on the table.

He then began filling it with golf balls, …

Can You Beat The Odds And Become Financially Wealthy In Life

Why is it the majority of people don’t succeed when it comes to their financial well-being. After all, we live in one of the wealthiest continents on the planet. With all the resources that exists and are available, why are there just a handful who become wealthy, in a world of free enterprise.

For those who do become rich, it doesn’t appear that gender, ethnicity, education, or methodology matters that much.

There are many who appears gifted, appears intelligent enough, often with higher education, who miserably fails financially.

Their lives …

7 Ways On How To Increase Self Esteem And Confidence

As far as who we are, our self-esteem is often thought to be the engine, confidence is the transmission, which activates us into mental motion. What having high self-confidence leaning towards arrogance does is adds jet fuel, when it comes to personal and business success.

The key becomes always jump start your confidence, especially once you begin feeling unsure of yourself. Especially when you’re not at the top of your game.

One of the best feelings is to receive compliments, praise and accolades from others every once in a while.…

How Successful You Become In Life Depends On Your Habits

Most think habits are bad, such as excess drinking, smoking, or overeating, because they’re detrimental when it comes to health. What the brain does, is records all of your most common traits, and once it finds repetition, it automatically keeps that action as a habit.

Doing so avoids the brain from becoming overworked. Our brains for this reason are tremendously advanced, thus placing us on top of the animal kingdom.

The most powerful computers in the world are replicas, blueprints of how the human brain functions.

Every time we do …

The Scientific Law Of Multiplication To Increase Wealth

The world we live in is thought to be in concise order, and not as random as it appears. What’s proven is there’s a pattern that always emerges in every event or act you see or do. Know there’s no exception when it comes to wealth building, as there’s a scientific formula which complies to the laws of the Universe.

Where these results arrive from, is by observing our immediate environment. What scientists have discovered are certain laws of nature follows a precise pattern.

There are certain physical laws we’re …