7 Ways On How To Increase Self Esteem And Confidence

As far as who we are, our self-esteem is often thought to be the engine, confidence is the transmission, which activates us into mental motion. What having high self-confidence leaning towards arrogance does is adds jet fuel, when it comes to personal and business success.

The key becomes always jump start your confidence, especially once you begin feeling unsure of yourself. Especially when you’re not at the top of your game.

One of the best feelings is to receive compliments, praise and accolades from others every once in a while.

But to organically feel better about yourself, what’s more sustainable but takes more effort, is generating self-confidence on your own. There are a variety of ways to do so.

7. Learn How To Visualize

One way to raise self-esteem and confidence, is by picturing, visualizing yourself succeeding. Even if you don’t think you’re currently in the right frame of mind or situation, to succeed.

This is what successful athletes do, is visualize scoring a goal, before playing the game. So force yourself to visualize, to get what you want.

Begin by setting a very specific goal in your mind. What’s known is the more detailed the vision is, this of a future event, the more confident you’ll feel and become.

Learn to picture the exact outcome, when you’re ready to go to bed at night. Remind yourself how great it will feel, once you achieve it.

6. Be Aware Of Your Posture

If you’re someone who has low self-esteem, physically, what you’ll naturally do is walk around with your head and shoulders slumped downwards.

What doing so doesn’t do, is increase or help you feel more confident about yourself. Others will think you’re depressed. You’re also doing a disservice to your spine and neck.

Become mindful to always “catch” yourself when you’re slumping over, whether sitting down or standing up. Then straighten yourself up.

Not only will you appear more confident in front of others, it’s been proven you’ll have more confident thoughts. Make it a habit to always walk erect with your chest and head held up high.

5. Improve Your Appearance And Image

Being confidence is an internal combustion issue. What changing your outer appearance can do however, such as getting a haircut, is make you feel a lot better about yourself.

This is why you look at yourself in the mirror every morning, and at every opportunity you can get, as it bumps up your confidence.

This could mean getting a brand new wardrobe, or deciding to sweat it out at the gym to look slimmer and more vibrant. You suddenly begin to get more glances your way, which makes you feel better.

What doing so does, is helps you become more confident, once you get nice comments from friends and especially strangers.


4. Become Your Best Friend

What negative thoughts will do is creep into our subconsciousness, and tell us we’re failures, not good enough, or self-confident enough to perform a particular task.

It’s up to you, to tell where that little voice should go. One way, is to ask yourself if you would talk this way to your partner or friend. You wouldn’t dare spew that negative nonsense on anyone.

Another way, is to distract yourself from this negative self-talk, by being mindful in the moment. Force yourself to observe the room you’re in, and become more aware of your senses and surroundings.

Get into a meditative state of flow, where you’re able to redirect your mental energy away from that dark place.

3. Face All Your Fears

There are things in life which appears too difficult to attempt, which makes you doubt yourself. That’s fear. Instead of avoiding it, choose to face it head on and challenge it.

The anticipation however when attempting to do so, might feel like torture.

Once you do decide to tackle it, the feeling of accomplishment, the sense of being courageous will raise your confidence, rather than if you avoid it.

This doesn’t mean you need to go skydiving to prove your bravery. Instead, face the smaller challenges you fear, and register them as “wins,” which will elevate your self-esteem and confidence.

Even if you don’t succeed the first time, such as mumbling while public speaking, pat yourself on the back for trying, and know you’ll get better with practice.

2. Know Your Strengths And Focus On Them

What many tend to dwell on are things they’re not good at, or areas of their appearance they don’t like or aren’t happy with.

While in this mindset of negativity, what most ignore are their positive features, the good things they bring to the table. The skills and talents they have, that others don’t.

Begin by writing out a list of your best assets. Your experiences, physical and social features, resources, skills and talents, and anything else that makes you feel better about yourself.

Realize you have a variety of complimentary things, you can offer to the world. Believe you’re competent and dynamic.

1. Who Cares What Others Think Of You

Opinions are free and easy, everyone has one. So if someone you know or don’t know, says something to you personally, which somehow deflates your character. Keep in mind it’s their opinion, not yours.

Realize there are plenty of others who are on your side, and are cheering you on.

In a group setting, if you ask 25 people what they think of you, what their opinion of you is, you’ll get a variety of different replies. Some good, most bad, so who cares what they think.

The most important opinion about yourself, is your own. Know you’re doing the best you can, and you can’t control what those who don’t like you, think of you.