Top 9 Reasons Why We Get Scared And Feel Fear In Our Lives

It’s known that fear is the most raging out of control emotion, which can affect humans. It’s even thought more powerful than love. We surviving another day, depends on it. Fear is triggered by the most primitive area of the brain, when we’re faced with the “fight or flight” response, once confronting a real or perceived life threatening danger. Once facing fear, the heart rate elevates, as increased blood and oxygen rushes from the brain and organs, to supply the muscles. What puts fear in us humans today, is a lot different from what our ancestors dealt with previously, but the response is the same.

9. Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection, is a deep rooted human emotion which plagues many. What humans want is to be accepted, to be hip and cool, which is a core primitive need that’s entrenched in our survival. Children growing up in dysfunctional families, will go to extreme measures to be accepted. They suffer from low self-esteem, and the fear of not fitting in.

They can also react radically because of the rejection, resulting in desperate measures. Similar to other fears, rejection doesn’t occur in isolation. Most will struggle and become paralyzed with their life as a result, becoming lonely. The only way to dig out of this fear is to take control, and not allow it to rule your life.

8. Fear of the Dark

This fear is especially common in children, where anxiety is instantly heightened once the lights go out at bedtime, which also activates the fear of the unknown. The fear of the dark begins, once children are old enough to sense imagination, which is around 3 years old. This is the age where children will have difficulty distinguishing what’s fantasy and what’s real.

When dark, what’s scary is the “boogy man” under the bed or hiding inside the closet, once the lights go out, which can result in nightmares. Leaving a small light on, can relieve the anxiety. Restricting or monitoring what children read or watch before going to bed, can help.

7. Fear of Heights

The fear of heights, is a healthy defense reaction which keeps us safe, such as not walking off the roof of a high rise building. It can however be taken to extremes, which can become paralyzing. For instance, some will become crippled with anxiety, just by climbing a ladder.

This activity is extremely safe, provided the proper precautions are taken. This is more of a mental fear, which affects a variety of people as they feel nausea. The good news is, this can be overcome with persistence.