How To Eliminate Fear Which Is Holding You Back In Life

Fear is the common denominator, the invisible grip which paralyzes the soul while killing ambition. It keeps the most promising of individuals potential, from ultimately realizing their life destiny. Fear keeps hope in the dark.

There are thankfully steps you can take once you know what your particular fears are. You can then unlock them and rid of them for good.

Once you activate a workable plan of action to eliminate fear, it clears the roadblocks which exposes your true potential.

The first step is admitting you have certain fears holding you back that you need to overcome. Certain elements of fear, however, isn’t always a bad thing and can actually motivate you.

It does become a particularly natural and normal exercise, to feel hesitancy when it comes to doing something completely new or different.

Once you feel fear is beginning to hold you back and it becomes paralyzing, is when you need to correct it.

Facing Your Fears

Fear keeps the most brilliant of people and ideas, from turning into action and fruition. This places too many promising individuals, from realizing their true ultimate dream of making a difference.

Once you’re held back because you’re not able to cross this barrier, you’ll constantly find yourself on the wrong side of the “loser” stat.

You then need to realize and confront your fears, and begin eliminating them by coming up with an action plan.

It’s important to know the most successful people in this world, the strongest and the bravest, all have experienced varying degrees of fear in their lives.

The difference is they’ve learned how to manage or eradicate them by recognizing the warning signals, and moving past beyond them.

The Need To Experience Fear And Failure

How did these successful individuals manage to learn this valuable quality of diminishing their fears? They did so by experiencing failure!

Facing failure square in the face and going beyond it, is a vital steppingstone to achieving success on the other side.

Without these failures presenting themselves, there’s nothing to learn or improve from. It becomes important to identify and neutralize your biggest fears.

Once these various roadblocks are out of the way, you can begin developing a master plan and start taking control without barriers.

There are various basic fears and beliefs which holds back the majority of individuals. The following are the fears which are the most common.


The Fear Of Being Judged By Others

One common fear is you worrying about what others think of you. This especially if you’ve failed in your latest venture, relationship or job.

If you hang around long enough with the right crowd, the right friends or coworkers, these are the individuals who will support you.

They will be with you, regardless if you’ve happened to of succeeded or failed. You need to find this crowd.

Because of fear, the majority of people don’t have the strength or the stamina to act on their dreams.

You may even be the only person in your group, the leader who’s ever had the courage to make a stand or step up.

Others will admire you for that quality alone, while secretly wishing they possessed the same drive and strength.

The biggest reality is there’s really no such thing as failure, especially if you persevere.

Once you get knocked down, get right back up again. Any setbacks are opportunities for you to learn, grow, and try harder and smarter the next time.

The Fear Of Losing Faith And Hope

Your very inaction and paralysis, may be frustrating as well as disappointing to you and those who support you.

As long as you keep the faith and keep trying, the hope you’ll someday get past your fears, you’ll finally be able to activate your dreams.

Once you do so and they actually come to life, you’ll then become invigorated as well as optimistic about the future.

But instead, you’d rather keep your ideas and dreams of success tucked firmly, safe and secure in the recesses of your mind. This way, there’s no chance you can fail.

This because you realize if you do fail, then all hope is gone, and that thought is even more frightening. Now think how much that’s holding you back.

Life Begins Outside Of Fear

If one idea fails, then there will be another idea, then another. There will be an another method, or another way of doing things, guaranteed.

What you need is to release your greatest ideas and hopes from your mind, activate them, and allow your creativity to flow out. If you fail, then so what.

Gather all the information from all of your mistakes and missteps, learn what you did wrong, then your next attempts will eventually grow into success.

The Fear Of Not Being Able To Perform Or Keep Up

If you’ve ever tried anything in life and constantly failed, then the next time you try, you begin making excuses why you can’t achieve that goal.

You begin making excuses such as: “I’m getting too old,” “I’m not talented enough,” or “I’m doomed to fail again.”

These are just excuses, artificial barriers you’ve placed on yourself because of the fear of success, or the fear of money.

You’ve created a self limiting belief on yourself, one that screams “you can’t do it.”

You’ve placed all this pressure on yourself and this limiting behaviour, and then allow your friends and family to remind you about them.

What you need is to find a way to get past these self-imposed limitations, and see beyond the fence.

You have to believe you can handle your own success, that you can vision it.

This happens once you allow yourself to let go of all your fears and your doubts, those fears you know and recognize.

Fear Of Fear Itself

At times, just recognizing and facing fear head-on is enough, while some other bigger fears may need help from external sources, even professional help.

The first step is identifying these self imposed road blocks, which can be more daunting than the failure itself.

Usually, these fears are based on complete false beliefs and not true reality.

Try placing fear into better perspective by simply asking yourself. “Can this in reality, really happen to me, or do I just fear it will?” Then begin testing the waters, one step at a time.

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