10 Ways To Improve Your Personality And Be Liked More

Realize it’s not always about you. No one after awhile really cares what you look like, but more about who you are and how you act. So learn to develop a well-balanced likeable personality, one which projects and reflects the true you.

Become conscientious on how you come across and communicate with others. This includes how you live, the way you walk and talk, all which makes up your character.

What a great personality does is states who you are, how others perceive you, this in the long run.

It’s important to maintain a good consistent attitude at all times, one that displays your persona.

There are a set of core basic attributes you can apply, which enhances your personality. Ways on how to improve who you truly are.

10. Improve Your Vocabulary

To develop while enhancing your personality, what you should be doing is constantly improving your vocabulary and pronunciation.

Constantly be learning new words and their meaning, which you can insert once you start speaking.

Make up concise sentences to suit the situation, and learn to use them in your day to day interactions.

What a vast vocabulary does, is highlights your personality. The way you speak, how you say it, will always influence those around you.

9. Walk With Confidence

Once you walk with poise, with your back erect, gracefully and elegantly, what that shows is you have a confident personality.

What’s known is first impressions has a lasting impression, then hit them up with your brilliant vocabulary.

What’s first noticed is how you walk, how confident your stride is, which reflects how you feel about yourself.

Be mindful to not walk around slouched over, constantly stumbling and looking at the ground.

What doing so does is displays a personality that’s unapproachable, while not exuding confidence.

8. Dress To Impress

What the first thing people notice before a word is spoken, is how you dress for the occasion. This speaks volumes on what your personality is like.

So always dress neatly and tidily perhaps a tad conservatively yet trendy. Do so whenever you’re going out, as you don’t know who you might meet.


What this shows is you’re ready and motivated, for whatever event comes your way.

Those with well developed personalities dress well with style and flair, this to showcase who they are.

7. Learn To Speak Eloquently

There’s a difference when it comes to influence and elegance in your voice, once you speak calmly and softly.

What doing so does is displays humbleness in your personality, forcing others to be attracted to you.

Everyone respects a nice soft kind tone of voice, instead of someone who’s constantly shouting or arguing.

Once someone speaks softly, what’s projected is the person isn’t rebellious, but instead calm, polite, and patient.

Speaking calmly reinforces a refined personality, which will influence others around you.

6. Educate Yourself By Reading More

Reading is a habit everyone should be doing more of. What reading does is increases knowledge.

Constantly keeping up to date by reading, does is makes you more aware of the world and situation around you.

Only read books that can help you. These include selecting authors of self help books, so you can further develop your personality.

Reading also improves your vocabulary and awareness. Those who constantly read, become better speakers.

5. Always Show Gratitude

Show gratitude by always saying please and thank you, which are basic manners that should be integrated into your personality.

In today’s environment with digital technology, what’s usually forgotten are these basic manners.

It appears everyone is becoming detached from being socially aware, and are becoming less personable.

Learn to always be humble, show gratitude at all times, always be polite under every circumstance.

What this displays about your personality, is you have good manners and etiquette. You respect the company of others.

4. Refine Your Eating Habits

What contributes to a likeable personality, are your table manners when you eat. So what needs to be refined are your eating habits.

Learn to chew with your mouth closed, never talk with your mouth full, while avoiding making noise.

What’s also needed is basic physical etiquette when eating, such as a straight back and eye contact when speaking.

Don’t overeat, or pick food off the plate of someone you don’t know. Keep the conversation light, and not stomach churning.

3. Always Show Kindness

Whenever you talk to someone, avoid talking down to them. Always make it about them and not always about you.

No one really cares about your empty self centered life, if you constantly talk about yourself. If they want to know, they’ll ask.

Never differentiate others who may not be as well off as you, or someone who doesn’t look as beautiful or are as tall as you.

Respect and be kind to everyone you meet, regardless if you like them or not. This includes the young, the poor, the elderly, the same or opposite sex.

Be kind and generous at all times and be genuine about it, as what these manners does is translates into what your personality really is.

2. Tone Of Voice And Language

When you speak to someone or to a crowd, your tone of voice should be as soft and personable as possible to translate better.

Once you come across as sounding pleasant, while your language and manner of speech blends in, what that does is directly and immediately influences those around you.

So always be practising to develop a refined tongue, one that doesn’t slur, mumble, or pronounce words wrong. Practice makes perfect.

1. Exercise On A Daily Basis

To project and display your entire personality, what you need is to show you care about your body and health.

Once you exercise on a daily basis, you’re complimenting your personality, as others will take notice and be drawn towards your radiant aura.

Exercising just doesn’t benefit how you look, but it also gives you confidence, which only fortifies your personality.

What working out and staying fit also does is keeps you away from infection and disease.