10 Ways To Improve Your Personality To Be Liked More

Realize it’s not always about you. No one after awhile really cares how you look. So learn to develop a well-balanced likeable personality, one which projects who you really are.

Become conscientious on how you come across and communicate with others, which includes how you live, the way that you walk and talk, all which makes up your character. What a great personality does is states who you are, how others perceive you.

It’s important to maintain a good attitude at all times, one that displays who you are. There …

10 Ways To Become More Popular By Developing Your Personality

Other than how we look, it’s our refined personality that sets us apart, which affects how we’re treated in life by others. We can’t generally do anything about how we look, so it comes down to how we communicate and treat others. This includes how we live, the way we talk and walk, that makes up our personality. It’s our personality that influences our relationships with our friends and family. However, refining this character is a constant work in progress. There are a variety of proven habits you can adopt …

Know The Reasons Why Some People Won’t Like You That Much

to be likedEverybody wants to be liked, this especially when going to school. Being popular is the biggest social currency when we’re young, and nothing else matters. All we care about is how many cool friends we have. How popular we are, accepted and liked by our peers.

But realize that some will never like you. How you look, that you’re too smart, too pretty or too ethnic. For whatever reason, some are just conditioned to think this way. Certain people on this planet will never like you, so stop the desperate …

Know That It’s Your Imperfections Which Makes You Adorable

those who talk too muchWhat most will strive for is to be perfect. They think that perfection, to come across as flawless is the best for them, this to be more liked and accepted by others. But we know that the only things which are perfect are engineered. We humans have flaws.

Then there are some who think that others should like them regardless of their imperfections, overlooking all of their faults. What’s known is that certain traits which are obvious character flaws or personality deficiencies, can actually make one more attractive.

It’s once …

Get Real How Not To Come Across As A Fake Insincere Phony

how to spot a phonyYou can sense them an earshot away, those who project how lame they really are, being a fraud of a personality. With narcissistic overtones, they’ll tell you exaggerated beliefs of how great they are, that they’re perfect and never at fault. They’re not fooling anyone.

Then there are those who project a completely different personality than you envisioned, this because they’re taken out of their element, so they fake it. Based on their surroundings, they’ll change their tone, become a completely different person.

They can be condescending when in a …