10 Proven Ways On How To Improve Your Personality

Other than how we look, it’s our refined personality that sets us apart, which affects how well we’re received and treated in life by others. We generally can’t afford to extensively alter our appearance, so it comes down to how we communicate with people.

This includes how we live, the way we talk and walk, which makes up our personality. It’s our personality that influences our relationships with our friends and family.

However, refining our character is a constant work in progress. There are a variety of known habits you can adopt to enhance your personality, as we constantly need to increase our emotional intelligence.

10. Improve Your Vocabulary

One of the best signs of a well-developed personality is an advanced vocabulary. So always be learning to improve your speech by adding new words.

Combine different words to make unique sentences to describe the activities of daily life.

Nothing projects a refined personality more than the words that are spoken to explain a process. What makes a public speaker unique and likeable are the select words they choose to use.

Talking a good talk will always influence and impress those around you.

9. Walk With Authority

Once you walk with poise, gracefully with authority, what that shows is your confidence and personality. Walking boldly towards someone gives a favorable first impression that lasts.

So practice to walk as erect as possible, your back as straight as possible, with smooth gliding strides.

What walking with authority does is adds brilliantly to your overall personality.

8. Dress Appropriately

One of the first immediate impressions your personality reveals is how you dress.

Make it a point to dress appropriately for the occasion, or make sure you dress conservatively wherever you go.

Someone who dresses crisp and trendy screams their personality without speaking a word.

What doing so shows is you’re prepared and motivated for the environment at hand.

7. Never Yell Or Scream

There’s a certain grace and elegance in your voice when you’re speaking softly. It shows you’re humble in nature.

Everyone likes those with a pleasant tone of voice, to those who are constantly shouting or sounds squeaky.


Once someone speaks softly with authority, it shows that the person is calm and not rebellious or angry.

Speaking calmly enhances your personality while engaging those around you.

6. Constantly Be Learning

Reading is an excellent habit everyone should adopt. What learning does is extends your knowledge base which contributes to being more interesting.

Reading or researching relevant topical information on the Internet can do that.

Make sure you select the right material, the proper authors such as self-help books, which can only develop your personality.

Learning and reading also improves your vocabulary, making you a better speaker.

5. Always Be Polite

Always be nice and polite, such as saying “Please” and “Thank you” at all times, as these are basic manners that should be applied daily.

What this current generation appears to be losing however are these basic rules of etiquette. Parents should remain vigilant to instill this in their children.

We should always be humble under every circumstance. What having good morals and manners does is enhances your personality.

4. Develop Good Eating Habits

What helps your personality is having good eating habits. Make it a point to always chew with your mouth closed, while making as little noise as possible.

These are basic manners which helps you to improve your sophistication and character, especially in North America.

What doing and teaching this in your household does, is everyone will adopt these same habits as well.

3. Always Be Kind

Whenever you talk to someone, whether they are as privileged as you or not, or vice versa, always treat everyone equally.

Never differentiate between people who aren’t as financially or personally well off as you are. Be kind to everyone you meet, the poor and the elderly.

Doing so will enhance your personality, spread good karma, while everyone will notice and admire you.

2. Speak As Clearly As Possible

If you happen to mumble when you speak, can’t pronounce every word precisely, then what you say won’t be comprehended properly.

If you have an accent unless it’s dead sexy, it can directly influence the perception about you. So what you need is to practice your pronunciation.

There are now a variety of sources where you can refine your accent and your words better, or project your voice clearer, which improves your personality.

1. Exercise On A Daily Basis

A big part of your personality is how fit and active you are and look. Being in shape, having that glow gives you desired magnetic attraction.

When you dedicate yourself to exercising on a daily basis, what that contributes to is an attractive positive personality, which will force others to pay attention.

It’s not just you’ll feel and look better, what keeping fit also does is averts you from a variety of diseases and infections.