10 Ways To Become More Popular By Developing Your Personality

Other than how we look, it’s our refined personality that sets us apart, which affects how we’re treated in life by others. We can’t generally do anything about how we look, so it comes down to how we communicate and treat others. This includes how we live, the way we talk and walk, that makes up our personality. It’s our personality that influences our relationships with our friends and family. However, refining this character is a constant work in progress. There are a variety of proven habits you can adopt to enhance your personality, as it constantly needs to be tweaked to increase your emotional intelligence.

10. Improve Your Vocabulary

One of the best signs of a well-developed personality is an advanced vocabulary. So always be learning to improve your speech by adding new words. Combine different words to make unique sentences to describe the activities of daily life. Nothing projects a refined personality more than the words that are spoken to explain a process. What makes a public speaker unique and likeable are the select words they choose to use. Talking a good talk will always influence those around you.

9. Walk With Authority

Once you walk with poise, gracefully with authority, what that shows is your confidence and personality. Walking boldly towards someone gives a favorable first impression that lasts. So practice to walk as erect as possible, your back as straight as possible, with smooth gliding strides. What walking with authority does is adds brilliantly to your overall personality.

8. Dress Appropriately

One of the first immediate impressions that your personality reveals is how you dress. So make it a point to dress appropriately for the occasion, or make sure you dress conservatively wherever you go. Someone who dresses neatly and trendy exclaims their personality without speaking a word. What doing so shows is you’re prepared and motivated for the task at hand.