10 Essential Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

There are now millions who claim they’re survivalists, and live “off the grid.” That they’re preparing or are sheltering themselves in case of some type of catastrophe or danger.

Or imagine you suddenly find yourself lost or stranded on an island, or deep in a forest somewhere, far away from civilization. You need to learn how to survive another day.

What if some form of natural disaster strikes, an “act of god,” and what you need are the core essential skills to survive the following night, weeks, or even months. …

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It’s Time To Wake Up And Take Better Care Of Our Little Green Planet

Any shade of green, is now becoming the current color of hip these days. This because we as collective individuals, living on this planet for the past half century, are all becoming more environmentally conscious. Every generation from baby boomers, millennials, to Gen Z, at one time or another, have been accused and found guilty of burning out this little rock that we call home, that’s beginning to spin out of control.

We are all guilty of these habits of excess, which was originally established by our parents, ancestors, and …

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Using Visualization Techniques To Attract What You Want In Life

If you’ve ever thought that you have what it takes, to become a roaring success at whatever you want to do in life, but your brain isn’t quite cooperating just yet, well, there are ways to close the gap. Marketers are aware of this, as they’ll use these methods to influence us into purchasing their product, their particular brand or service. Then we buy things we most likely don’t need, can’t afford, or ever use.

For instance, say that you’re in the market to buy a new car. You begin …

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The Need To Love Yourself First Before You Can Love Anyone Else

Having a romantic relationship is the precipice of happiness and a goal for many. But the more that you pursue it, the more it appears to become elusive. Before you start, make sure that you’re emotionally, mentally, and physically stable first, this before finding that new relationship.

Never settle for anything less than things that makes you happy. Life is too short to be committed to feeling miserable, so work and play in a place of contentment. Never pursue love in the hopes of fulfilling a personal deficit of self-love. …

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16 Las Vegas Hotels That Allows You To Experience True Vegas

When planning a trip to Las Vegas, whether it’s for business or leisure, whether you’re a seasoned Vegas vacationer or not, what you want is to experience is the entire “What happens in Vegas stays in…” experience.

To indulge all the sights and sounds, the seduction that only Vegas can provide. It begins by choosing the right accommodations, the perfect hotel, whether it’s a fling or a family vacation. What you want is to take a full sip of the true Vegas experience. It begins with choosing the perfect Vegas …

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10 Ways To Avoid Or Prevent Jet Lag For Those Who Travel

For those who travels frequently overseas or across the country, what’s suffered is jet lag, also known as time zone change syndrome. What the adjustment of this time does is disrupts the internal body clock, this after crossing numerous zones. The body has a difficult time adjusting to rapid travel and the time adjustments. The internal body clock directs waking and sleeping patterns, along with behaviors such as digestion, appetite, bowel habits, blood pressure, and body temperature, which all becomes disrupted. Disturbed sleep patterns causes fatigue, headaches, muscle soreness, memory …

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10 Needs Which Contributes To Our Survival As A Human Being

There are now over 7 billion plus humans and counting. We must be doing something right, and we’re not going away anytime soon, unless there’s some universal catastrophe, or an unavoidable act of god of mythical proportions. We remain living by the concept which is, “survival of the fittest.” Everything in life, whether it’s athletics, a singing competition, trying to close that sale, is a constant fight for survival, where we humans will go against the elements or each other to win. Every day that we wake up becomes a …

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How To Mindfully Capture The Full Adventure Of Your Vacation

going on vacationFor those who travel on business or holiday, doing so can aggravate stress by leaving the comforts of home to face the uncertainty of international borders, the fright of the uncontrollable, travel complications, strange customs and food, long lineups, and the threat of violence.

So what’s required is to practice active awareness, this when traveling abroad becomes involved. Instead, think of travel as the opportunity to slow down and reflect, taking in moments, savoring all the various experiences, while embracing the new surroundings and culture, which can skyrocket mental energy.…

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